Beauty Captured Lying Down


A photographer that focuses on creative lying down photography, Jonerie Nerecina has a special talent of empowering women through photographs.  With only beauty in his mind, even those who are not ready to get semi-naked feel relaxed and exude confidence. Artistically experimenting on a variety of outfits and moods, he can create something striking with every pose.

young and alluring

Nikka Edrinal

sexy and sultry

Aica Tizon

approachable and sweet

Angel Harina

sunshine on a gray day 

Lala Garrido

captivating charm  

Diane Castro

provocatively elegant

Aica Tizon

  fierce beauty

Marice Caparas

seductive sophistication

About Jonerie

Fondly called Jons by his friends, he bought his first dslr camera last April 2010. His fascination with photography started as a hobby and eventually developed into a love affair. He wanted something extraordinary and came up with the idea of doing photo shoots of women lying down. He named his collection Take Down. Derived from the sport Wrestling, it's a powerful move of putting down your opponent. In the women's case, the opponent is the fear of showcasing her beauty in a sexy lying down position.

Jons is an officer of the Laguna Photography Club.  The LPC is an association of photography enthusiasts, hobbyists, amateur and professional photographers from Laguna. The LPC promotes the arts and science of photography through education, training and exhibition in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie.

Take Down