The Healing God


I heard the mass this morning officiated by Fr Joey Faller. Long before he became famous and acknowledged as the healing priest, our family already know him. Their family is known in the town of Lucban, Quezon which is my mom's hometown. We live four blocks away from them. 

When my mom got breast cancer in 2002, she would go to the province accompanied by my father to attend the healing mass. Fr Joey has been instrumental in the healing of my mom. Through him and my mom's strong faith in God, she got healed.

It has been ten years since my mom got healed. And I was surprised when Fr Joey announced today that Kamay ni Hesus is celebrating it's 10th anniversary also.

Kamay ni Hesus

I have been to Kamay ni Hesus a number of times already. It is very convenient for us to visit anytime because our parents built a vacation house nearby.

Kamay ni Hesus

I experience a certain kind of calm whenever I am there. I feel both being close to nature and to God.

Kamay ni Hesus

Kamay ni Hesus healing mass is every Wednesday and Saturday, 930am til 12 noon. For any inquiries, you may get in touch with Doris Gracias at contact number 042.540.2206.