A Gift of Life


When I entered Room 230, I saw baby Bien half asleep. Both his arms have IV fluids. I called out his name. He gave me his sweetest smile. And my heart broke. I'm sure he is not feeling well but he managed to share some sunshine on that gloomy, rainy afternoon. I will never forget that smile.

Bien is the first born of my first goddaughter, Jobel.  They are my family. Jobel is the first born of my cousin. I love my family so much. It breaks my heart that Bien is very sick. He is only four months old. I need to help them. And I need you, my dear friends, to help me help them.

You can read about Bien's story and his journey to wellness at

I hope you find in your good heart to make it possible for this baby to raise funds for his liver transplantation. It's a great help if you also share his story to your friends and networks. And please always include him in your prayers and petitions.