Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa

During our recent trip to Singapore, we stayed at Siloso Beach Resort in Sentosa Island. I booked through their website a month in advance. I chose Siloso Beach Resort because it is conveniently located in Sentosa Island. It is easier for us to explore Sentosa and Universal Studios. I also love the resort setting compared to the hotels in the city. 

We arrived at Changi Airport 9:35 in the morning. We took the MRT from the airport to Harbourfront. We ate lunch at Vivo City before boarding the Sentosa Express. 

Hotel guests are given a complimentary Sentosa  Pass for the duration of stay. Entrance to Sentosa Island costs S$3.50. This Pass waives your entrance fee.

I paid S$765 for a 4d/3n stay in a Superior Twin Room with complimentary buffet breakfast. The room is simple and comfortable. 

Alfresco Cafe is located on the ground floor near the beachfront. Buffet breakfast is served here from 730am to 1030am.

There are squirrels and birds eagerly waiting to be fed. Although feeding the animals is discouraged, the squirrels are very sneaky. They manage to get some food from your plate.

The breads are freshly baked every morning. We use the stairs instead of the lift and the smell of the breads is so inviting.

I'm not a big fan of croissant but Siloso Beach Resort's croissant made me reconsider. I love that it is soft and not flaky.

Baked beans, potatoes with cheese and chicken sausage

A generous serving of omelette

fried noodles, chicken dumpling and chicken pao

There is also a cereal station, salad station and dessert station. I noticed that they do not serve rice or congee. I'm a rice eater and really wished they'll serve rice.

Wish granted on the 3rd day of stay. According to the restaurant server, this is Nasi Lemak. The rice is cooked in coconut milk. This meal comes with anchovies, very spicy vegetables, cucumber and boiled egg. I was told that Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian dish.

After eating, we toured the resort. We went to the roof deck and voila,

The view is so magnificent. I can stay on the roof deck for hours and just marvel at the beauty of the beach.

There is a hammock near the pool where one can simply relax or read a good book.

A play area for the kids... and kids at heart. (Ahem.)

One of the reasons I chose Siloso Beach Resort is their spring water swimming pool. The water is very refreshing.

Lots of flowers surrounding the resort 

If only I could bring home the plants..

and these cuties!!!

Hope to be back soon! :D


Siloso Beach Resort
51 Imbiah Walk
Sentosa, Singapore


  1. that clear blue spring water pool is really amazing and it looks like a paradise
    It's definitely a nice place and is very ideal to visit this summer!
    I'm sure you guys had a blast!

  2. I think we've passed by this resort when we were in Sentosa. I haven't tried staying in the island. It's a good idea, I think. Mostly I stay in the city's central area, like Orchard Road or Clarke Quay. Nice resort.

  3. The spring water pool is so clear and very enticing. Siloso is a nice staycation choice for family after a quick tour in Singapore's busy streets.

  4. the food looked so tasty!! bet it tastes just like it looks :)))

  5. I think I almost had a heart attack when I converted $765 to peso hahaha... But I know that it's really expensive in Singapore, that's why I haven't booked a flight there yet. But judging by the look of the place, I think the money is worth it.

    1. Me and hubby had a serious talk after this trip. We overspent on this one. He also spent around $300 on iFly. This was our most expensive getaway. Prior to this trip, our entire SG trip with city hotel accommodation was only worth around $350.

  6. I will definitely consider this resort when planning our Singapore trip this year. I would love to try their pool :)

  7. I've never been to Singapore!!! I'll take note of this as reference in the future. The place looks amazing :)

  8. Am planning to visit Singapore this summer and this would be a great option. But I was hoping to see some pics of the room as well.

  9. Ah, SG! :D The cafe looks like a place I'd got to for a morning art session with myself, plus pancakes and jam. The spring pool looks refreshing! ^__^ Napapa-visit ako. XD

  10. Sentosa is a bit pricy for me but I would really love to go there. You have really beautiful shots :)

  11. Saya! That's a really nice place to stay at esp if you're near the attractions you want to visit. I personally would just book at Airbnb para cheaper lodging tho hehe :D

  12. Oh I miss staying in beach resorts. The place looks nice, and very, very peaceful -- the perfect ambiance for relaxing and writing. ;) I like the pool as well, it looks like you own the place! Never been to Singapore, hope you had a fun time there!

  13. Waaah, I've always wanted to see Sentosa! And such a lovely accommodation, too. Would love to stay here as well!

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu