Gone South and Freezing


I arrived this morning in Lucban, Quezon. A 22 Celcius temperature welcomed me. It was the first time I experienced this chilly weather. My family always go on vacation every May 15th for the Pahiyas Festival. My parents built a vacation house for us and since my mom died, me and my dad only go to the province to pay the real estate tax.

I visited a dear friend who gave birth to a cute baby boy. She's the only friend I have in the province. She used to be my neighbor but they sold their property and transferred to a nearby subdivision. The neighborhood is so unfamiliar now. Most of my friends left for abroad. After visiting her, I went to the church. I remember when I was young, I dreamed of getting married in this church.

There are lots of school children inside the church. When they got out after the mass, they headed to the ice cream vendor. Amazing. I was freezing and these kids bought ice cream!

Before heading home, I dropped by at Ven's to buy pasalubong. Their store is located near the church. I only buy pasalubong from this store because it's where we always buy every time we go on vacation. My sisters love the Ven's Puto Seko and the Broas. I love the meringue and Apas. I also bought dried miki. I have attempted cooking the Pancit Habhab a lot of times but there's always something missing with the taste.

I had Chito's Miki Bihon around 1pm. Then my friend ordered Chito's Pancit Habhab around 3pm. I used to get puzzled why the Lucbanins never get tired of eating pancit. I now understand. I can also eat pancit three times a day :D It was the first time I did not eat anything from the famous Buddy's. 

Bedtime. It's 21 degrees and raining. My dad wants us to go home tomorrow. He could not stand the cold weather hahaha!!!