Where Will Your Passport Take You In 2014?


Our passports are expiring on August 2014. Me and hubby are planning to go somewhere this year so I decided to have them renewed. I set an appointment for the passport renewal via DFA Megamall Online Appointment System

Time flies. Didn't even notice a year has passed by. It was around this time last year that we were counting down for our Singapore vacation. I don't rely on travel agents and travel packages. I love being in charge of the trip's details. I booked our air tickets via Tiger Airways, our accommodations at Siloso Beach Resort and bought online our Universal Studios Singapore tickets. 

Bali, Indonesia

Phuket, Thailand



Seoul, South Korea


These places are in my bucket list. I'm already searching for inexpensive tickets and accommodations. 

Have you been to any of these places or live here? Your inputs are very much needed -- where to stay, what to see, what to eat and what to do.

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel 
is to be able to experience everyday things 
as if for the first time, 
to be in a position in which almost nothing 
is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

 – Bill Bryson