Where To Eat In Baguio: Cafe By The Ruins


I brought my sisters to Cafe by the Ruins to pass the time while waiting for the rain to stop. The cozy ambiance is very relaxing and comforting. Only a few tables were occupied when we arrived but a few minutes later the restaurant started filling up.

The outdoor dining would have been great but it was too cold that afternoon.

There's an ongoing art exhibit of Hannes Bertschi which will run until the 17th of June.

Rizal's Tsokolate-e

A hero's cup of hot carabao milk blended with chocolate

We ordered Rizal's Tsokolate-e. It was hot and comforting when it was served but got cold right away. Gives you an idea how cold the weather was that afternoon.

Suman at Mangga

Sticky rice, soaked in coconut milk drizzled with latik and served with ripe mango

I ordered this and was really surprised with the huge serving of suman. It was delicious! The ripe mango was not as sweet as I hoped it to be.

Pandesal with Kesong Puti and Basil

Two big pan de sal shared by my sisters. I do not fancy kesong puti. I'll definitely enjoy the pan de sal with cream cheese :D

The rain stopped at around 3pm. And off we go to our next destination...

Cafe By The Ruins
25 Shuntug St., Baguio City
(074) 442.4010
Dining Hours: 7am - 9pm