Money Smart: Great Finds At Nike Outlet Store


I started the year 2015 with a good habit. I do one hour of jogging and one hour of Crunch Workout Video or Zumba everyday. I am also trying to lessen my carb intake (this one is very difficult) and totally let go of coca cola (this seems impossible!).

I even rented out a locker at Marikina Sports Park. Once I invest in something, I'm really serious. By the way, for those of you who frequent Marikina Sports Park you can rent a locker for P10/day or you can opt for the monthly rental of P250. Just bring your own lock. I was a victim of theft at Marikina Sports Park in 2011. My Samsung Galaxy phone was stolen while I was doing zumba. 

I also told my husband that I'm planning to go back to tennis. I had formal tennis lessons years ago at Marikina Sports Park and seeing the new courts every time I jog around the oval (yes, there are already two tennis courts) brought back my interest in playing tennis. Problem: I got rid of my tennis outfits.

A week after Christmas, me and hubby went to Riverbanks Mall in Marikina. We were surprised to find a Nike and Adidas Outlet store. We believe in investing in good quality apparels. Those who buy original stuff understand the big difference between original and those imitations sold as overruns. Nike and Adidas are really expensive. Thank God for Outlet stores because you can find shoes, bags and apparels at discounted prices.

I saw this Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Shirt last December. I didn't buy it yet because my budget allocation for 2014 has already been used up. I was hoping it to be still hanging on the rack when I returned this afternoon. And yes, it was meant to be bought by me! The original price says P2,095. It's on sale for P1,466.50 so that's 30% savings.

Here's the reason why original Nike apparel is expensive. This Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Shirt pulls away sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable. It also stays cool when it heats up. Your shirt won't feel heavy because of sweat. It also provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun in the areas covered by the garment.

I didn't plan on buying a tennis skirt but when the sales guy showed me this Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Skirt it was very difficult to say no. This was the only available tennis skirt and from P1,795 was marked down to P799. 

                                             Original Price          Marked Down Price

Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Shirt         P 2,095.00                  P 1,466.50
Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Skirt         P 1,795.00                  P    799.00

Total                                       P 3,890.00                  P 2,265.50

Savings                                                                       P 1,624.50

I'm not too much concerned that these are not the latest. As long as they are original, that's okay with me. I'm not familiar with the locations of other outlet stores but if you are in Marikina, visit them at the Riverbanks Mall in Barangka.

Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!