Prayer to St. Gerard for Motherhood


O good Saint Gerard, 
powerful intercessor before God 
and Wonderworker of our day, 
I call upon thee and seek thy aid. 
Thou who on earth didst always fulfill God’s designs, 
help me to do the holy Will of God. 
Beseech the Master of Life,
 from Whom all paternity proceedeth,
 to render me fruitful in offspring, 
that I may raise up children to God in this life 
and heirs to the Kingdom of His Glory in the world to come. 

A dear friend of mine shared this prayer to St Gerard. She has been TTC for almost three years. A nun gave her a copy of the prayer last March and she got pregnant the same month. 

I have also chanced upon the website  Check it out and know more about St. Gerard. You can also email if you want to be added to her prayer list. I e-mailed her and received a response a few days after.

Let us be each other's prayer warriors.