Twiinzified: A Zumba Party Redefined.

Twiinzified. v. the act of being transformed into a super fan after experiencing a world class zumba  party                             with the award-winning duo Alec and Manny.

I had an exhilarating three hour zumba party last June 27 at the Tiendesitas in Pasig. When Alec and Manny aka as The Twiinz announced about the Twiinzified Zumba Party, I made sure the date is saved for them. I did not accept any event for that day.


I admire them. Not because they are award winning. Not because they are popular. It's a given that they are very talented. But I admire the totality of their beings. They are good-natured. They are sensible. They are real. And they know how to have fun and share the fun!

Congratulations Alec and Manny!!! 

Check out their FB Page: Zumba Fitness with Alec and Manny


Some bunnies love -- ZB and Bibz :)