Liza Soberano's Perfect Partner Is Mega Tuna All 100% Pure Tuna


Liza Soberano was introduced as the endorser of Mega Tuna All 100% Pure Tuna at the product launch last October 20 at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. Mega Tuna is the newest addition to Mega Global Corporation's line of premium products namely Mega Sardines, Mega Creations, Valley Farm, and Oh My Ulam!. The brand sees teen superstar Liza Soberano as the personification of Mega Tuna: naturally 100% beautiful inside and out.

Mega Global Corporation, the Philippines' top manufacturer and distributor of canned goods has their vision set in providing high quality, value for money products through bringing improvement and innovation in fishing, food technology and packaging. Mega Global gives the consumer the assurance of providing high standard in the all 100% Pure Tuna in every variant of Mega Tuna.

Raffy Lantin, AVP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global Corporation has expressed the company's excitement over the launch of this new world-class product from MFC. "Forty years in the business and continuously growing, Mega Global is very excited to introduce our newest product in the market, Mega Tuna. We assure you that ALL variants of Mega tuna contains pure tuna with no extenders, no preservatives and no MSG.

Mega Tuna Flakes Sweet and Spicy, Mega Tuna Flakes Spanish-Style
Mega Tuna Flakes In Oil and Mega Tuna Flakes Hot and Spicy

Mega Tuna brand manager, John Paolo Calona, proudly explained how he sees Mega Tuna and how it is different from any other tuna brands. "We want Mega Tuna to be the top choice of tuna enthusiasts who want to savor the true taste of pure tuna. With no extenders, no preservatives and no MSG, Mega Tuna gives only 100% pure tuna in every can. Mega Tuna comes in four variants, namely, Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil, Mega Tuna Flakes Sweet and Spicy, Mega Tuna Flakes Hot and Spicy and Mega Tuna Flakes Spanish-Style. Whichever you choose, you are sure to get 100% pure tuna goodness with Mega Tuna.

With very discerning market who takes pride with their choices in mind, Mega Tuna, unlike other tuna brands, does not utilize Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP) or commonly known as "extenders". Extenders when combined with additives such as food coloring, MSG, or emulsifiers and the likes, can be potentially harmful to one's health. The most common ingredients used by some canned tuna as extenders are "soy protein concentrates".  So next time you buy canned tuna, don't forget to check the label!

Who says salad is boring?! The burst of colors and ‪#‎megapuretuna‬ hot and spicy! Here's my winning tuna salad creation during the Mega Tuna product launch Salad Challenge. 

I'm having the Mega Tuna 100% Tuna Flakes Sweet and Spicy for lunch while writing this article. It's my first time to try this variant and its really good. ALL Variants, ALL 100% Pure Tuna tickles my tastebuds while keeping me healthy. 

Mega Tuna is available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide at the suggested retail price of PhP33.10.