The Three People You Meet In Heaven


“Life has to end. Love doesn't.”

I browsed my album to take a snap of this photo. Today is my cousin Rommel's birthday and I wanna post a ridiculously funny throwback photo of him. This is one of my favorite pictures. My intention was to make fun of us. He was yawning here and I was holding suman.

My mom made up a funny story here. She said my cousin was so hungry and was hoping I'll insert a whole suman in his mouth but I was too selfish to share.

And then I cried.

Really cried. I'm actually crying as I compose this.

Suddenly I realized it was only the two of us left. And once again I can't comprehend why they were not privileged to live longer. (and all my family members who had to go way too soon than everybody else.) 

I realized that our family has lost so much in the last five years. We were not allowed to fully grieve yet before someone is taken away again. Eight people in 5 five years! 

This will always be my favorite photo of us. You were yawning. I was holding suman. Unaware that they will be gone sooner than we wanted.

This photo makes me both happy and sad.

And thankful for still having those we get to spend time with.