“Life has to end. Love doesn't.”

I browsed my album to take a snap of this photo. Today is my cousin Rommel's birthday and I wanna post a ridiculously funny throwback photo of him. This is one of my favorite pictures. My intention was to make fun of us. He was yawning here and I was holding suman.

My mom made up a funny story here. She said my cousin was so hungry and was hoping I'll insert a whole suman in his mouth but I was too selfish to share.

And then I cried.

Really cried. I'm actually crying as I compose this.

Suddenly I realized it was only the two of us left. And once again I can't comprehend why they were not privileged to live longer. (and all my family members who had to go way too soon than everybody else.) 

I realized that our family has lost so much in the last five years. We were not allowed to fully grieve yet before someone is taken away again. Eight people in 5 five years! 

This will always be my favorite photo of us. You were yawning. I was holding suman. Unaware that they will be gone sooner than we wanted.

This photo makes me both happy and sad.

And thankful for still having those we get to spend time with.


  1. I lost my mom due to cirrhosis. It was very hard for the family because no one was there to take care of the household.

    Sometimes, remembering or experiencing a very negative emotion, in this case, missing my mom, is a good thing.

    It either traps us in the past and use it as a justification on why we can't seem to get over the next hill; or it motivates us an guides us in what we do or plan to do.

    As a health advocate in the industry of nutritionals, I have seen privately testimonials of how our products have saved a few people from the same disease that claimed my mom. We are not allowed to use testimonials, but knowing, how does that make me feel?

    I remember Tony Robbins, who has a big influence on our team. As a child, his father was jobless. They literally have no food. Neighbors came knocking on their door one day to offer food, and the dad refused, deciding to let pride get in the way, at the expense of the children.

    Tony said it was the turning point in his life. And he is now one of the most influential speakers in USA.

    I guess what I am saying here, is that we use people we love and situations/events to further grow ourselves in becoming a greater person than who we are currently.

    1. I suffered from anxiety and depression for years because I refused to accept that these things are happening to our family. And then during Padre Pio's feast day in 2014, it was the first time that I cried during the mass. I let out all the emotions bottled inside me. Fr. Jerry Orbos officiated the mass I attended and it felt like he was talking to me during his sermon. After the mass, I felt so much better.

  2. My grandmother just passed just 2 weeks ago. I went back and reminisced while looking at old photos of her. It's always sad to lose a loved one. But at least you have fun memories like this one to look back on and smile when you think of them.

  3. This makes my heart ache for you. So much love, so much joy and so much sadness wrapped up in one photography for you. We have not been fortunate in our extended family but my unit, my parents and siblings, we are all still around and we definitely take each other for granted sometimes. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory, for reminding us to hold each tight while we can, and I thank God you'll all be together again one day xxx

  4. This was so incredibly beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. Sending you love & light & healing vibes <3

  5. I lost my daughter due to pregnancy problems. She was born 3 months early and lived for 4 months. I keep asking myself why she died. But I keep believing that WE were the best parents she could have. It's always hard to lose a loved one and we are not afraid to die anymore thats for sure. Keep going. The life will live on after death.

  6. Such a great post!! My family drives me crazy and I always want to cherish them, my grandmother passed almost two years and I miss her and her nagging daily. Although I was happy to see her go she had dementia and would have hated that if she had any sense left in her mind.

  7. That's just heartbreaking. :( My father died almost three years ago and even though it's been 3 years already, there's still pain. I can just imagine what all of you have been going through. :(

  8. This is very heartbreaking. This makes me think of really living life to the fullest, because you'll never know hey. I wouldn't know how to cope, God forbid, if this happens to my family. I wish you well. xo

  9. I haven't experienced loss like you did. And I hope not to, but it's one of the realities of life. We should love the ones we're with while we still can.

  10. I haven't experienced loss like you did. And I hope not to, but it's one of the realities of life. We should love the ones we're with while we still can.


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