Sweet Success

Sweet Success.

Maja is a dessert that somehow reminds me of my mom. Why? Because I can't remember if she was able to perfectly cooked this in her lifetime. As for me, I never attempted. This is one of my favorite desserts because it is not too sweet and I love anything with corn.

I was given a maja "ready mix". Honestly, I fear using those kind of products because most of the time, they taste fake. But I gave this one a try for three reasons. First, I'd rather fail than never try. Second, help was given and I acknowledge I need help. And third, I love maja.

There are things in my life that I've been attempting to be successful at but fail. From the mundane to the magnificent. Though I know I'd get hurt trying and failing, I will still choose to try.

It is also very humbling to admit that sometimes we need help. Somehow I've improved on this aspect. I used to do everything on my own. I don't like group assignments. I don't like to delegate. Until I got burned out. It was when I finally admitted that I can't do it on my own all the time. I need help. 

We don't give up on what we love. No matter how we try to ignore, not a day passes by that we don't think of it. Just like the maja, whenever I see a photo or dine in a restaurant serving maja, memories of failed maja attempts and the urge to try and learn how to cook this haunt me.

“If it's still in your mind, it is still in your heart.” - Paulo Coelho

The maja I cooked was perfect.


  1. Maja Blanca really reminds me of home. We always had it on our table for all occasions.
    -Gino of www.dropdeaddapper.com

  2. This was so cute because at one moment it was about food than the under lying feeling of family, time and self honesty pulled it out. I hope it tasted wonderful!

  3. I love eating Maja Blanca. It's one of the things I eat whenever my aunt or mom makes it. :) I feel so at home with it.

  4. It is always nice to pursue new things. It is in going out of our comfort zone where we start to discover what we are capable of. ;) Congrats!

  5. Same here, maja is also a favorite dessert :) Congrats on your successful attempt. :)

  6. Congrats you made a yummy maja! uhm how i love maja especially when it's creamy! :) why not make a puto next? Heard you can use a hot cake mix for a puto. :)


  7. That's how life works after all. Try and try until you succeed. :)

    Nurse Alpha

  8. Congrats! I become more adventurous in cooking whenever I think of the outcome. I try to always think positive that after failures, there's always the success. Cooking is for everyone who is up to the challenge.

  9. This is my first time to know about this sweet treat. I'm curious of how it tastes like.

    I love how this maja helped you (and us) realize an important lesson in life. :)

  10. Congratulations! This is also one of my mom's specialty along with Biko and Puto's Kutsinta... I love Maja the most! It is more like a mixture of Gelatin and Gatang Mais... my mom used to have a toppings for this but I'm not sure what it is made of.. something with Gata I guess

    1. we used to call it Maja Blanca by the way hehe

  11. Maja Blanca! One of the two staple desserts in our table whenever there is a special occassions. The other two are leche flan and halaya.

  12. I didn't know there's already a ready-mix product for maja blanca. It's also one of my favorite desserts. Unlike the usual Pinoy dessert, it's not too filling and it's also just the right amount of sweetness. The occasional corn kernels add texture to the otherwise soft pudding. Yum yum!

  13. What started out as a post about weather to use "Instant" maja mix turned out to be something really deep. :O hehehe, anyways, I too am in love with maja blanca, although I hate the ones that have some sort of niyog on them cause it distorts the taste of the corn, and I like it simple. I have attempted to make this for around 3-4 times in my life and each one turned out to be a disaster... But at least there are improvements happening, and I think that if I am still living with my mom it would've been perfect on the first try :) Nobody knows how to make maja in our house kasi heheheh

  14. Congratulations! What is Maja? I felt the same a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to make a brownie, but all the recipes looked so complicates. So I gave up and just bought a ready mix that needed only 2 extra eggs. It came out a delicious brownie, with chocolate bits in it and a nice chocolaty crust on top. No idea how was that possible and I had no expectations from "the box", but I will definitely do it again.


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