Today Is The Beginning Of Anything You Want


Today is the beginning of anything you want.

I know I could start any day. But there's something about January 1 that convinces me it makes more sense to venture into something new. Or continue what I've started.

2015 was better that 2014. Although I can't remember most of what happened in 2014. I just feel like 2015 was better. I've reached some goals I set. There are disappointments. Mostly on things I have no control of. Which makes it very frustrating. Because I can't do anything about it. 

For 2016, I want to do something life changing. Something daring. Something different. I want to challenge myself more. 

I want to be better than I was in all aspects. 

I want a life of "want to" and not "have to".

I want to be in charge.

After all, this is my LIFE.