Lazy Monday After Valentine's Day


Dozed off at 3am and I knew I'd be totally feeling lazy this Monday morning. Yesterday, I spent the first half of Valentine's Day cleaning the house. Then slept for 3 hours late in the afternoon. That's the reason I was wide awake last night.

How did you spend your Valentine's day? Me and hubby never go on a date on this day because we both hate the traffic and overly crowded restaurants. I'm also not the bouquet of roses type of girl. I'd be happy if you give me something edible or useful.

We had KFC for dinner. They had a free delivery Valentine's Day promo. Since I saved forty pesos for the delivery fee, I bought an extra large gravy. That's the downside of not dining at the restaurant. You won't be able to indulge on the bottomless KFC gravy. Oh I remember how sad I was when I went to a KFC restaurant in Singapore. They do not have gravy. That made me realized life will be a struggle if I choose to live there.

I've seen too many marriage proposals yesterday on my facebook timeline. One couple set the record to be the first to have a marriage proposal at the newly-opened Venice Grand Canal in McKinley.  And then there's also an allegedly suicide around 7pm in Megamall. The girl they said ran towards the railing and jumped off from the 4th floor. Probably the universe's way of balancing love and grief.

I resolve to write regularly on this blog. Best day to start a resolution I think. Monday. And I'm feeling super lazy. Nice combination. Monday + Lazy = Bound To Fail. So this will be a great challenge for me.