Why The Best In Costume Award Means A Lot


Wearing a costume has been in my bucketlist for the longest time. For years I have waited for the perfect moment to do it. And on my 39th year on earth I was able to walk proudly from the car park to the venue donning a dark angel costume.

This was during the Glamour Monzters Zumba Fitness Party held last November at Tiendesitas hosted by The Philippine Twiinz Alec and Manny. But this article is not about that.

This is about my dream of becoming a volleyball player (or at least learn how to play volleyball). I had a semester of volleyball class in the university but sadly wasn't able to experience playing a real game. I remember feeling excited when I found out that I'll be having volleyball for PE in UST. When I was in grade 4, I convinced my dad to buy me a Mikasa volleyball. I brought it to school hoping I'd learn to play. But I ended up sitting on the bleachers watching my classmates play using my ball. They know how to play. I have a ball. Go figure. Fast forward to college, I discovered PE is not really taken seriously. I think I earned a 2.25 grade in volleyball without really learning how to play. Well at least I can say I deserved all my 1.25 grades in my law subjects. Ergo, I'm not the athletic type.

When my dear friends Alec and Manny (Oh, I really feel super proud typing the word friends hihi!) invited me to the Business Mirror Health & Fitness Z Party (read more about it HERE) and I found out it's a sports themed zumba party, I was ecstatic. I knew right away what to wear. I'll be a dancing volleyball player! Oh wow! Perfect marriage of two things I am not good at! Haha!! I've got my favorite UST shirt, black skimpy shorts, knee high socks (I loved this fashion statement when DLSU first wore knee high socks at the Shakeys V-League during the time of Manila Santos... yeah, many years ago!). 

Business Mirror Health & Fitness awarded me Best in Costume. And like Pia Wurtzbach was deprived of her victory walk, I wasn't able to receive my certificate on the stage in front of the 250 enthusiasts standing as witnesses. I had to leave before the awarding because my left contact lens got so dry it popped out. And I was not really expecting to win. I was there to have fun while getting fit. And di talaga ako masyadong prepared. Hahaha!!! On the brighter side, I had a solo moment with Zin Alec and Zin Manny at Gold's Gym Marikina yesterday for the awarding ceremony :)

There are dreams I have growing up. Some were achieved, some are still achievable and some are worth not pursuing but were replaced by other dreams. I will never be a volleyball player but I discovered I can do a little tennis. And if dressing up for two hours opened up the opportunity for me to become a volleyball player, then why not?!