A Mom's Letter: Support Ayesha's Liver Transplant


Shaina Ayesha Ramos Nieves was born on April 28, 2014 with twin sister, in Quezon City, Philippines. Ayesha and her twin Brianna was born below weight birth. During their growth days Ayesha’s growth development was a lot different from her twin sister. We noticed also her yellowish skin complexion and we informed her pediatric doctor about it. The medical term referred to as “Jaundice”. On her 11th weeks she was confined in the hospital to rule out the cause of the “jaundice”. A month of confinement in the hospital she was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening disease known as “BILIARY ATRESIA.” Biliary atresia, is a rare disease and only affects about one out of every 18,000 infants. And liver transplantation is one definite treatment for biliary atresia. Just 6 days after the result, she underwent an operation called “Kasai Procedure,” the first treatment for the illness. The only thing we can do is trust God for His Divine Mercy, we prayed that the procedure becomes successful and that she’ll regain good health. The operation went well in the 3 months period. On November 2014 the result of her laboratories was not good. Her liver is getting bigger, her heart was affected, and she had blood transfusion.

The doctor's advice was the immediate need of “Liver Transplant” the soonest possible.

Again, we Trust in the Lord’s Divine Grace and Mercy, that holds our Faith, Trust and Love to the Baby Ayesha, but our family do not have financial capability for the cost of the operation, ranging from 3 to 4 Million Pesos (89,760.00 USD)

Our Baby Ayesha is a strong and joyful baby, even though she’s suffering pain for this kind of disease. She’s still fighting for her life. And we will do our very best to help the baby.

With this, our family humbly asks for your benevolent deeds, and help to raise the funds needed for the operation. Uphold us in prayers in this time of trials, and thank you for those who are praying with us. We know that God will provide the need.


Mary Jane Ramos Nieves

Contact # (632) 9324499304

Facebook Page Account: www.facebook.com/support.ayesha

For Donation:
Banco De oro (BDO) Gen.T.Valenzuela Branch
Account Name: Shaina Ayesha R. Nieves
Junior Savings Account # 6720136169

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) Valenzuela Karuhatan Branch
Account Name: Mary Jane Nieves
Savings Account Number: 4589008168

For more medical information of Baby Shaina Ayesha Ramos
You may contact:
LIVER CENTER - 2nd Floor , Poduim Bldg., The Medical City
Telephone No. 635.6789 ext. 6506 / 6507

Update: Ayesha's mom posted on facebook yesterday that Ayesha has gained her wings last March 16, 2016. Thank you for all your prayers and help. There are many more babies who need your help. Check out this article from PSST.ph