Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid Product Review


One household chore that I love doing is washing the dishes. When I received an email from Mikewell Household products asking me to try and review Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, I immediately agreed. I was told that they're gonna send me samples.

I went to our province in Lucban, Quezon first week of June for some errands.  I volunteered to wash the dishes after dinner and I was surprised to find out that they are using Bubble Man Antibac. I told them I'll be receiving samples from Mikewell and it's amazing that I'll be able to use the product in advance. 

"Mabilis banlawan. Banayad sa kamay."

We had pancit habhab and sinigang for dinner. The plates are ma-sebo because of the oil from the pancit habhab. If you've been to Lucban, you know that the water coming out from the faucet is really cold. Surprisingly, I didn't have any struggles stripping off the grease from the plates. It's true that with Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, mabilis banlawan ang mga hugasin.

I asked my cousin since when they've been using Bubble Man Dishwasing Liquid. She said matagal na. Maliban daw kase sa affordable, it is as effective as the expensive brand.

"Lemon, Kalamansi or Antibac?"

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is available in three variants: Lemon, Kalamansi and Antibac. I'm a fan of anything Antibac and have already started using Bubble Man in my own household. I like that the Antibac variant has a mild scent. Same with the Lemon and Kalamansi. The feel on my hand is just like washing with a hand soap. Totoong banayad sa kamay.

I recommend that you give Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid a try. I also want to hear feedbacks from you, dear readers. My Facebook followers who are my relatives and friends know I don't recommend a brand na hindi ko ginamit or sinubukan. 

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is biodegradable kaya siguradong environment friendly. 

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