World's First TWIN Wash From LG


Whenever I've got an Everest high pile of laundry to wash, I always wish that my spin dryer is also a washer so that I could do more with lesser time. And guess what?! It seems like LG has heard my fervent prayer.

Global technology innovator LG Electronics brings to the Philippine market a breakthrough washing machine that redefines the concept of laundry. The world’s first LG TWIN WashTM enables two separate loads to be washed simultaneously by combining a full-sized front loading washing machine with a mini-washer in a hide-away pedestal, generating a whole new set of washing options.

Gentle washing for all types of laundry

The safety of one’s clothes is one of the most important factors to consider in purchasing a washing machine. LG TWIN WashTM is designed to be able to give special treatment to different types of laundry with its two-in-one system. The powerful main washer handles the larger garments, while the mini-washer is perfect for specialized items that require a unique wash setting like lingerie or baby clothes.

The mini-washer is big enough to hold a full load of delicates yet small enough to use just the right amount of water and electricity, which is normally an issue with bigger washers. This feature offers wash modes specifically for delicate items, guaranteed to clean these types of clothes as gently and thoroughly as hand washing.

Due to the dual washing system, washing time is significantly cut down as multiple loads of laundry can now be handled simultaneously. Smaller loads can be washed when needed without having to wait until a full wash load has accumulated, saving users time and adding a new dimension of convenience.

Premium ergonomic design

LG TWIN Wash™ is designed to fit in the space of a typical front loading washing machine so nothing is sacrificed for the added convenience. The door of the main washer is aligned with the drum’s center, positioned higher than on conventional models and tilted at an angle to make loading and unloading the main drum easier. The mini-washer and pedestal housing can be purchased separately to give current owners of LG front loading washing machines all the benefits of the TWIN WashTM at a fraction of the cost. LG TWIN Wash™, available in modern stainless, received the Red Dot Design Award and the IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) in 2015.

Advanced technology for clothes

TWIN Wash™ also features LG’s unique TurboWash™ 2.0 technology. Nozzles positioned inside the drum of the main washer spray a concentrated solution of detergent directly onto the clothes, improving the unit’s cleaning performance. Another high pressure nozzle sprays tiny water particles through the clothes during high spin cycles for more effective rinsing. The revolutionary Inverter Direct Drive motor at the heart of the TWIN Wash™ is attached directly to the drum, improving efficiency and reducing the number of moving parts, leading to enhanced durability.

“LG TWIN Wash™ is designed to not only make laundry duties quicker and more convenient at home, but also ensure that each and every garment is given the special care it deserves,” LG Philippines Home Appliance VP Youngmin Chae said. “Moms, household helpers or independent young adults now have more time to attend to other chores with the ease of knowing that their laundry will come out spotless from gentle and thorough washing. The simple yet innovative concept of the TWIN WashTM has propelled LG to the front of the pack in the washing machine segment, and is another leap forward in our commitment to make life better for our Filipino consumers.”

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