Tips To Healthy Eating While Travelling


Travelling opens you up to carefree eating. Neglecting our diet whenever we are in a new place with the desire to try out new dishes compromises our health. 

High Fat and High Carbohydrates can throw your weight off-guard and can lead to Obesity. Philippines ranked high on the list of countries with high population of obesity. Recent survey shows that 22.3% of Filipinos adults are overweight and 6.1% are obese. 

Obesity is described as a medical condition in which your body fat has accumulated to the point that it may have an adverse effect on your health. Obesity is ruled when you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 25. To find out you BMI, follow the formula of weight divided by height.

Guide To Healthy Eating While Travelling

Whether you’re on a vacation or on a business trip, the tendency to overeat is overwhelming. It might be due to environment or you are just plain voracious eater. Staying in a hotel can be challenging as well since most will offer buffet breakfast while some throws Buffet Lunch and Dinner as well.

  • It may help if you have handy snacks along the way, this will help you feel full and not binge on the buffet spread. Drinking lots of water may also help.
  • Walk as often as you can, doing so can help you burn the excess calories.
  • Make use of hotel gym to workout. Gym access are usually free.
  • Bring along resistance band on long haul flights or land transfers. 
  • ·Read a book while resting. This will take your mind off from food.

These advice might be easier said than done for most of us, but as a precaution, there are supplements that can help you in times you fall for caution less eating.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals presents two supplements that will help in blocking excess fat and carbohydrates due to overeating. Whenever you can’t control your cravings #BeArmedwithLesofat and #ThinkLesocarb.


LesoFat (Orlistat) blocks 30% of your fat intake through pancreatic lipase inhibition, it is in pelletech capsule for a uniform distribution and is non-systemic and works only in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT). 

LesoFat comes in two forms, 120mg that is suited for obese adults and 60mg for obese teenagers. Sold at Php33.00 (120mg) and Php29.75 (60mg) in box of 20’s. It is advised to take 1 capsule of LesoFat every high fat meal.


LesoCarb is an all-natural lifestyle supplement made out of white kidney bean, It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from food intake up to 66%, It is also non-systemic and works only in the GIT.

LesoCarb inhibits the starch digesting enzyme alpha-amylase by interfering the conversion of starch into glucose, thus, it lessens calorie absorption to the body.It is available in 500mg capsule and sold at Php14.75/cap in box of 42’s. LesoCarb should be taken in 1-2 capsule dosage every high carbohydrate meal.

LesoFat and LesoCarb are available in leading drugstores nationwide. For more information and tips, follow them on Facebook: @Lesofat and @LesoCarb