7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Linden Teak Furniture PLUS 5% off Voucher


Teak  is one of the most durable wood used for making boats because of its characteristic of being resistance to elements that bring potential damage. Teak is also popular for making furniture. Compared to other woods, teak furniture are passed down for one generation to the next as a heirloom. Owning teak furniture is considered as a status symbol because it is expensive. It is also a good conversation piece.

If you are furnishing your new home or considering updating your furniture, here are 7 reasons why you should buy Linden Teak furniture:

1. Linden Teak Furniture are individually crafted.

All furniture pieces are hand made by master artisans who have at least a decade of experience. You are assured that you bring home a furniture that is meticulously made for you. Since this is not mass produced, no two pieces are exactly alike. 

2. Linden Teak Furniture are eco-friendly.

Linden Teak utilizes 100% mature teak plantation thus helps in preserving natural rain forests and natural wildlife. Teak furniture is anti-fast paced consumerism. Properly cared teak furniture can last for decades to centuries. As a matter of fact, there are intact teak artifacts found in Ban Rai, Thailand dating back to 1700.

3. Linden Teak Furniture are water submersion resilient.

Teak wood has been used in building boats for over 2,000 years. Noah's arc was believed to have been made of teak as mentioned in Genesis 6:14. The U Bein Bridge in Taungthaman Lake in Myanmar has 1086 teak pillars stretching out from the water since 1850. The Crimean warship Edwin Fox currently on dock in New Zealand has been existing since 1853.

4. Linden Teak Furniture are naturally termite proof.

Teak wood has natural oil resin that repels termites. Other hard woods also get soft when soaked with water making them susceptible to termites and decay.

5. Linden Teak Furniture are sun and rain exposure resistant.

Natural oils and resins weatherproof the teak wood. It can be utilized without adding finishing elements. Teak wood also age naturally to a pleasing silver gray color. Ancient structures such as The Royal Vimanmek Palace in Bangkok, Thailand and the Maha Waiyan Bontha Bagaya Monastery in Mandalay, Burma are made with teak wood. The former is a century old while the latter was built in 1593.

6. Linden Teak Furniture has no harsh synthetic chemicals.

Linden Teak Furniture are guaranteed with au naturel finishing. There are no varnishes and polyurethane applied that contain fumes harmful to the craftsman and get washed off outdoors. 

7. Linden Teak Furniture has 15-year service warranty.

Linden Teak Furniture offers one of the best warranties in the market. Warranty includes free labor service repair against factory defect and wear and tear of proper use. The company also has the best after-sales services.

In celebration of Linden Teak Furniture's 19th Anniversary. you are entitled to a 5% discount on all items (including promo items) bought on a cash or check basis if you print a copy of the voucher above and present to the sales manager of a Linden Teak outlet of your choice BEFORE making a purchase.

Only one voucher per transaction per client is allowed. The voucher is valid from September 1 - December 31, 2016. 

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