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I was diagnosed with S-curve scoliosis in 2005. I was closely monitored since then and I regularly undergo physical rehabilitation whenever I feel pain. I have 6-12 sessions with my physical therapist or until the pain goes away.

Most Filipinos ignore the pain they feel. Some would seek the help of the traditional manghihilot. My mom used to bring me to a manghihilot whenever I have sinat and she feels like I have pilay. Although these manghihilot prove to be effective, they cannot address all of the problems. It is advisable to seek professional medical help.

Ronald Samaniego, an experienced physical therapist with extensive specialized training in orthopedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal disorder and a doctorate degree, returned to the Philippines and put up Active Life Chicago Physical Therapy Clinics.  

Pain should never slow you down or make you inactive. Active Life Chicago PT focuses mainly on physical rehabilitation and enables the patients to resume an active lifestyle. 


Hands Free Ultrasound and Stim Combo 

This ultrasound is much more focused than the ones you've probably encountered. With a frequency of up to 10k hertz for the stim, the pain relief lasts longer than a typical Bambang style equipment.


Breaks down scar tissue and relieves muscle spasms. Together with ActiveLife style of PT, shockwave becomes a very powerful tool in our arsenal.


Part of Active Life Chicago PT basic treatment that helps relieve pain, spasm and tenderness. It can be used like Guasha, Graston or Aystm.

Dry needling/acupuncture

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture but they put the needles on the painful spots instead of putting them on acupuncture points.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy pain specialist. Active Life Chicago PT specialize in treating Frozen shoulder, knee pain, back/sciatica, plantar fasciitis, arthritic conditions, sports injuries, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, neck and shoulder pain, disc bulge, scoliosis, joint and muscle pains.

Free Consult at New Clinics

Avail of the FREE consultation at Pasay, Fairview, Nuvali, BInondo, Makati, Caloocan, BGC and Antipolo branches. Call (02) 997-5704 to schedule or inquire about the walk-in hours.


415 Cityland Shaw Tower
Mandaluyong City
(02) 997-5704 or (0977) 292 2215

Unit 805 1472-1476 Pacific Century Tower,
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Near Crossings Mall/National Bookstore
(0977) 290 0650

12 Concepcion Condo Unit 212 & 214
General Concepcion, Bagong Barrio Caloocan City
0995-840-7772 Globe
0950-634-7925 Smart

Gymboree Building Brain Train center Unit 108
Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
(0995)844 1166 Globe
(0950) 6347938 Talk N Text

Please be advised that the Physical Therapist usually do the consult.

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