My Journey To Financial Independence: Finding A Financial Advisor


I worked as a financial consultant of four companies for three years before I finally decided to pursue what I really love to do. Prior to that, I also worked in the bank handling investments products. Why on earth should I need to find a financial advisor? After attending the 3rd session of Coach Aya Laraya's #Money4Life Challenge, I realized I am not equipped with the proper knowledge when it comes to investing in mutual funds and I need help.

We all want our investments to perform well. Therefore it is very important that we look for someone who we trust to manage our money. We should not hire the first financial advisor that we meet. 

  • How do you choose a professional who will work for you?
  • What do you look for?
  • Can they do what you need them to do?
Financial Planner is a catch-all term in the Philippines. Some of the specialists available are:
  • Realtors / Appraisers for Real Estate
  • Certified Securities Representative of Stock Market
  • Certified Investments Solicitor for Managed Funds
Since I am interested in mutual funds, the person I am looking for is a Certified Investment Solicitor. It is very important that you verify the company where the financial advisor works and his license. We cannot rely on the SEC because the sad truth is that the SEC does not monitor if the company really does what it says in the registration. 

 In order to establish a relationship with your advisor, here are some good questions you need to ask:
  • What are his professional and personal experiences in handling mutual funds?
  • What are his preferred clients?
  • What is his compensation scheme / fee structure?
  • What are his limitations?
By asking this questions, you will be able to know if he is competent. Do you prefer somehow who has been in the industry for decades? Are you comfortable with someone older or you can relate with someone your age? How much are you willing to pay for his services? What can he do or not do?

If you are unsure which mutual fund product to invest in, your financial advisor must be knowledgeable about all the investment options available. You should still have the final decision.

I'm in the process of looking for a financial advisor. While still scouting out for one, I have already started reading about the different mutual funds offered by Sun Life suited for my risk appetite. I'm actually the very conservative type. Thus I'm focusing on Money Market Fund, Government Securities Fund and Bond Fund.

Know about the Mutual Fund Basics by visiting the website of Sun Life Philippines  at