Focus On What Matters


Have you ever been in one of those moments when you feel like you've wasted a year in your life because despite all the efforts you put into achieving something, you ended up empty-handed?  I welcomed 2016 secretly crying while watching the fireworks. I felt so gypped. I had a happy life (or so I think.) What happened?

It has only been two weeks since my dad passed away when I was invited to attend the launch of Coach Pia Acevedo's second book "Focus on What Matters" at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. Although I self-imposed that I'm taking a short leave from attending events, I felt like I need to hear what Coach Pia has to say and hoped that this book will help me find focus amidst the drama in my life. 


Coach Pia shared her near-death experience that has led her to putting things in perspective. It was January 1, 2004 when she woke up having difficulty in breathing. She went to sleep okay and then woke up with a severe allergic reaction that almost ended her life. It was at this moment that she asked herself, "If these were my final moments before judgement, then have I loved enough? Have I maximized my full potential here on earth? Have I lived my life's purpose?" It was through these life-changing situations, or even ordinary and neutral ones, that it is always wise to focus on what matters.

"Focus on What Matters" talks about how to live a meaningful life and the process one has to go through to be able to focus on the things that are necessary and let go of the things that are not.

A peek into the chapters of the book
"Focusing on what matters begins with laying the foundation for finding clarity through the exercise of self-mastery, self-development, and self-commitment -- a process we call "Inner Work", says Coach Pia. 

The book also comes with a journal where you can write down your thoughts as you go through the chapters. This will help you gain insights and evaluate your feelings as you go deeper in your personal process.

"How do I stay focused?"

I need this book. I have vowed to devote a day every week to work on finding focus. I want to understand the gap between my personal preferences and the expectations of the world. I want to hone my skills at finding clarity and staying focused despite the uncertainties that life continues to bring me. I want a better ME.

Are you losing sleep because of overthinking about the things you did or should have done? Are the people's opinions of who you are affect you because you felt like they were not seeing the real you? Do you want to find balance in your life? Grab a copy of this book and let us together welcome 2017 with a positive outlook and a certainty that we will be better than who we were in 2016.

"Focus on What Matters" is available in Fully Booked and selected National Bookstore branches nationwide.

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