Millennial Moms Level Up Home Security With PLDT Home Fibr


For most moms, peace of mind is a never-ending aspiration especially when they have to be away from their families. This is often the case with celebrity moms who have hectic schedules and out-of-town work commitments.

The advent of digital and mobile technology has opened up opportunities for families to connect better and manage the home more efficiently, among other priceless benefits. However, when left unchecked, digital platforms can also become an unsafe space especially for children. Young and digitally savvy moms like Denise Laurel and Isabel Oli-Prats are among the celebrity moms who are strong advocates of home security in this digital age.

Recently, they hosted an intimate event powered by PLDT Home where they, together with psychologist and expert Michele Alignay, talked about pressing digital and security concerns at home. They were joined by other celebrity moms like Camille Prats and Issa Litton. During this event, these moms got a chance to know more about PLDT Home’s digital ecosystem of products specifically designed to help provide moms with invaluable peace of mind. 

There’s the home monitoring system FAM CAM which moms can use to check and even talk to their kids remotely; the multi-functional kiddie watch Smart Watch which allows parents to track their kids’ location and get instant notifications when they go beyond a set ‘safe zone.’ Asia’s Songbird and PLDT Home ambassador Regine Velasquez and son Nate as well as Eat Bulaga’s Bae-by Baste and Mommy Sheila are among the thousands of parents and children who are enjoying the family-friendly benefits of this kiddie gadget.

The latest addition to this suite is the FAM ZONE, a product that enables parents to create a safer internet experience for their children. It is the country’s first online parental control device which allows parents to manage their kids’ internet use. They can turn on the internet filtering feature which screens out sensitive sites using keywords. Parents can also set alerts and reporting to monitor their kids’ online activities as well as pre-approve sites that kids will visit.

As part of PLDT’s Smart Home, a suite of innovative, reliable, and family-friendly products, the PLDT FAM CAM, Smart Watch and FAM ZONE are designed to give parents “peace of mind” by helping them feel more secure about the safety of their children especially when they are away. 

These Smart Home devices can be best experienced with the country’s most powerful broadband, PLDT Home Fibr, which delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps and with plans now as low as P1,699 per month. Fibr has the widest coverage in the country and is available in 2.5M homes.

PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said, “Working with real moms is always a great learning experience for us. It helps us understand them better and make sure that our products truly address their unique and dynamic needs. Working with celebrity moms like Regine, Denise, Isabel and Camille also gives us an opportunity to bring our message to a wider audience so it can benefit more moms.”

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