The Kind Of SPAM® That You Love

Who doesn't love SPAM®I'm pretty sure you know I'm not talking about the annoying mails in your inbox. This blue can of premium meat has become an all-time favorite of Filipinos not just for breakfast. Yes, there are so many ways to enjoy SPAM® and you'd be surprised with what SPAM® CAN do!

Well, SPAM® CAN made me wake up early on a Monday! I was invited to attend the SPAM® CAN event at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati this morning. Makati? Monday? Morning? Hmmm..
SPAM® ? YES!!!

The Make-A-Hero SPAMwich

The event was open to the public and admission was free. Those who registered onsite were treated to free sampling of SPAM® recipes prepared by chef Sharwin Tee. What I love most is the Make-A-Hero Spamwich booth. For only P100, you can create your own sandwich and all proceeds from this booth were doubled by SPAM® and donated to The Children's Hour.

Cooking Demo

Are you the conservative "fried SPAM®type of person? Chef Sharwin Tee of Lifestyle Network's Curiosity Got the Chef had an exclusive cooking demo and showed us more ways to enjoy SPAM®

Local recipes such as SPAM® tokwa't baboy, SPAM® sisig, and SPAM® Puto and international recipes such as SPAM® tacos and SPAM® fried rice are some of the dishes you can make using this canned meat.

My favorite? The SPAM® Puto.

Pardon me. I already had a bite before I took a photo of the puto.

ALL4SPAM™ Boyband

Yes, you read it right. ALL4SPAM is the newest boy band in town and they'll make you crave for them just like the way you crave for SPAM®. They are a group of four members: SUPREEZY is the Bad Boy professing his strong obssession for SPAM® Hot & Spicy; PEPPER is the Pretty Boy whom your mom wants you to marry and has always been in love with SPAM® Classic; ACE is the Lover Boy who is all sweet and cheesy and just like his favorite SPAM® Cheese; and lastly, MAD MIC, the Goofball who can't get enough of SPAM® Bacon.

SPAM® CAN! Campaign

"The SPAM® team highly recognizes the love that the Philippines has for SPAM® products, and we are truly thankful for the support that we've received over the years. We have specifically chose to launch the SPAM® CAN! campaign in Manila because we see the potential to grow the market of SPAM® lovers by showing consumers how versatile SPAM® products are. And because Filipinos are known to be some of the most talented singers in the world, launching a boyband, ALL4SPAM™, made complete sense to reinforce just what the SPAM® brand can really do," says Jaynee Sherman, Senior Brand Manager of the SPAM® Brand, Hormel Foods International Division of Hormel Foods Corporation.

I really had a wonderful time today. The CAN-aoke almost brought out the singer in me (haha!!). I did step inside the booth but.. oh okay I can't sing. One thing for sure, I'm good at eating SPAM®!

It has always been the SPAM® Classic or the SPAM® Less Sodium that goes into my grocery cart. I'm now excited to try the other variants and be more adventurous in the kitchen.

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