Everything Ethiopian At Asian Air Safari Season 12 Kick Off


Asian Air Safari, Asia's only aviation-themed travel show launched its Season 12 with an exclusive screening of a two-part special on Ethiopia at Shangri-la Cineplex last May 23, 2017. I was invited to attend the launch and I learned so many interesting things about Ethiopia. 

For a full Ethiopian experience,  Ethiopian Airlines flew in cultural performers from Addis Ababa. The cultural band and dancers performed using traditional instruments. Their music reflects Ethiopia's rich history and culture while the dancers exhibited unique movements that were amazing and entertaining.

I was able to witness the country's iconic coffee ceremony. It is an honor for a woman in the household to perform the ceremony. The coffee beans were pan-roasted on an open flame and then grinded the traditional way by using a wooden mortar and pestle. The grounded coffee beans was then transferred into a vessel and boiled. People add sugar with their coffee while some prefer salt. Coffee is usually accompanied by popcorn and peanuts. 

We also feasted on authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Their staple food, injera, was served. It is made of teff flour and has a strong sour taste. 

I had mine with yellow beef stew, red chopped beef, kitefo, and cheese. The beef dishes tasted good but I'm an Asian so I was really craving to have these viands with rice instead of a flatbread. 

Ethiopian Ambassador His Excellency Shiferaw Jarso, and Ethiopian Airlines Country Manager Solomon Bekele were present during the event.

√čthiopian Airlines is nearing its 2nd year of operations in Manila. Our routes connecting the Philippines to Ethiopia are important avenues to bridge the gap between the two countries in terms of tourism, trade, cultural exchange, and economic partnerships. We believe our mission as an airline is beyond just selling tickets. That is why we have done a variety of efforts with different local partners to introduce Ethiopia to the Philippines and the Philippines to Ethiopia. We are happy to share that we are looking forward to provide more exciting offerings for our clients in the Philippines this 2017", says Bekele.

Asian Air Safari is hosted by Captain Joy Roa, a real life pilot. The show has already featured more than 250 cities spanning more than 65 countries to share with the audience the world's most fascinating places and cultures. Capt Roa also share his experiences that make life more meaningful.

Asian Air Safari's Season 12 resonates the theme, "Tracing Our Routes, Unraveling A Diverse World", which celebrates how various nations and races are able to find a common ground despite having very distinct cultures and religious beliefs.  The first two episodes about Ethiopia are " Cradle of Mankind" and "A Land of Rich Diversity".

Asian Air Safari Season 12 airs beginning June 11, 2017 on ABS-CBN News Channel at 8:30 pm with replays every Saturday at 2 pm. 

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