Care Tips For The Lips


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We invest on beauty products to have flawless, young looking skin but we tend to take our lips for granted. They need TLC too! Here are some care tips to achieve a kissable, soft lips without spending a fortune.

Quit the habit of licking your lips

You probably think that whenever your lips feel dry, licking them can help hydrate. This habit can actually do more harm than good. Your saliva actually makes your lips drier. Another thing, you wouldn't want your lips to smell like dry saliva right? Always bring a bottle of water in your bag and hydrate not just your lips but your entire body. 

eos lip balm

Exfoliate your lips

Most ladies don't know that it's just not your skin that needs exfoliation but also your lips. After all, your lips is also made up of skin. Especially for those using waterproof lippies that are difficult to remove, residue builds up on your lips making them chapped with colored dead skin cells.

Pamper your lips with lip balm

Whether it's summer or winter, you should always have a lip balm to keep those kissers moisturized. 

Try evolution of smooth natural lip balms. They are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. Most importantly, eos lip balm is paraben free and petrolatum free. It contains nothing but the best for your lips. 

eos lip balm

eos lip balm is packed with antioxidant and vitamin E to help promote healthy lips. Natural shea butter soothes your dry lips making them soft and allows your lipstick to glide smoothly. And with a variety of interesting flavors to choose from, you'll definitely want to have all of them.

Choose a good lipstick

Matte lipsticks are the in thing now but make sure that your matte lipstick doesn't dry your lips. Choose brands that are formulated with moisturizers. Waterproof and kiss-proof lipstick can also have drying effect on your lips. Make sure that you always apply a moisturizer.

Never share your lip cosmetics

NEVER. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can be transferred from one person to another by sharing lipstick, lip balm, lip brush, and lip pencil. You wouldn't want to contact diseases because of unhygienic practices. 

Good nutrition

Dry, cracked lips sometimes indicate poor nutrition and vitamin deficiency. Make sure you nourish your body with food rich in vitamins that are good for the skin. Did you know that Vitamin A deficiency can cause dry, flaky skin? Vitamin C helps in collagen production. On the other hand, high consumption of processed foods can make your skin looks dull. 

Start taking care of your lips. Achieve soft, healthy lips that looks good even without lipstick.