TV5 Lakbai Reality Adventure Show With Baste Duterte and Bogart the Explorer


Lakaw ta, bai!

If presidential son Baste Duterte says that to you, how could you say no? For the Tagalog-speaking region, it means "Lakad na, kaibigan." Lakbai is TV5's newest reality adventure show that showcases  the Philippine's best places to travel.

Lakbai is an 8-week travel program special that aims to make the audience see the Philippines in a whole new light. Baste Duterte, together with Bogart the Explorer, who is famous for his hilarious adventures will explore different locations in the country and participate in local activities. Joining them are three of Baste's closest friends: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, a lawyer by profession and a jokester at heart; Sboi Malicay, his childhood friend and the cool bro who keeps the mood light; and Andre Apostol, creative guy and designated videographer.

Find out what beautiful travel destinations in the Philippines the group will explore and get to know Baste Duterte like never before. Catch the gang on TV5's reality adventure show Lakbai as it premieres on May 21, 2017, Sunday after PBA.

And in case you are wondering, the show is in Bisaya as well as Tagalog.