Real Story of A Home-based Online English Teacher Of Bibo Global


An ideal job nowadays is a home-based job. Ever since I turned my back from the corporate a decade ago and experienced how it's like working from home, I've been encouraging my readers and friends to explore this non-traditional way of building a career. The story I'll be sharing with you today is about Teacher Jyl, a home-based Online English Teacher of Bibo Global.

Teacher Jyl is a young mother who started her family at the age of 18. She used to work as a flight booker in a booking company in Eastwood. She didn't manage to finish college so the teen mom's work options were very limited.

How did you land on your first home-based job?

Two months after I gave birth, I already started looking for work. My job as a flight booker in Eastwood was really stressful for me. I would commute for 4-5 hours in a daily basis and my schedule was always changing. It took a toll on my health and I didn't even have time to see my baby. Every time I would come home, me and my husband would want to sleep and rest for the next day. 

This led me to decide that maybe I should start looking for work at home jobs. I found an ad about Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. and applied. It was not as smooth as I hoped for. I failed my first training because I was so nervous. As an introvert, talking to different people is very hard for me. I practiced and tried again, eventually I passed and I started right away.

The First Crack 

I was nervous on my first class. I hoped that my students would just stick to the regular lesson plan and not ask questions. I wasn't sure if I can conduct good classes. But eventually, I started gaining confidence and I started enjoying my classes. 

My home life got better when I started with this job. At first my son cried every time I had to go to a separate room to conduct my classes. Even at a young age (now that he’s two) I try to give him an idea of what Mommy is doing. I try to explain that I have to work. So now, when I ask him where I am going, he just answers: “work”. I also get to spend more time with my family and I get to take care of my son most of the time.

Struggles Are Still Real

I never really had that much problem working as an online teacher aside from rowdy students from time to time. I had an incident before where I had a difficult student. The teacher support team helped me. I was so emotional that I cried, she comforted me and encouraged me. She told me that she would do her best to resolve the problem. Every time I have a problem with my students, they would always support me and assure me that everything will be in control. They showed me that they really care about their teachers. I said “this is a good company, because they care and value their teachers.”

Thoughts and Realizations

I enjoy my classes a lot. I don’t really see it as work every time I teach. There was this one time that I had to go to the hospital because my son got sick. I didn’t conduct lessons for 5 days. When I got back, I was so surprised to see my students were worried that i might have quit. One of my students even said: “I thought you’re going to quit, teacher, please don’t quit, stay with us.” It really touched me. That is one of the reasons why i can’t leave my job, I can’t leave my students. 

Fruits of my labor

After a few months, me and my husband decided to build an apartment so we can start investing on something. With my earnings in Bibo, we managed to build two studio apartments in a property my parents own. It took us a while to get it done, but we did it. It became one source of our income. Now, I have given it to my parents and let them handle it since I also wanted to start my own pastry business.

Working as a Bibo online English teacher with a flexible schedule gave me a lot of time to take care of my household. I can even now start my own business. I also have the luxury to travel a lot. Now, every time I need to do something, I would just plot my classes on times I can work.

Who Can Work As A Bibo Teacher? 

I recommend this to full-time time moms especially to young mothers like me. Since it has a flexible schedule, it is perfect for full-time moms. If you have to take care of your baby during day time, You can adjust your work to your night time, if your baby’s sleeping pattern changes to night time, you can work during the day. Its very easy and convenient.

I also recommend this to shy individuals just like me. It’s just like talking to a computer. You don’t have to face people personally and it will really help your confidence.

It's easy to learn and very easy to fall in love with this work. Everything is simple and easy to understand. Aside from reading from your students’ country from time to time, the materials are provided. English is something we have learned from an early age. Sharing it to your students is easy and fulfilling. 

Snapped and Scribbled Thoughts

I know most of you (or probably everybody) can relate with the everyday traffic struggle. That was my deciding factor back then. The commute from Antipolo to Makati was so stressful to start my day. I guess the situation on the road is worse.

 There are so many home-based online jobs available for us Filipinos. Consider working as a home-based online English teacher as an option. Visit