Sony Alpha 5000 Mirrorless Camera


I never thought I will purchase a decent camera. I dreamed. I wished. I sometimes hope I'll win in a raffle or contest. Buying is the least of my priority. But I did. Finally. I guess my upcoming Singapore trip (yeah, SG again!) and the fact that my Xperia Z1 has been acting up are partly responsible for my (impulse) buying.

What's next?

I need to seriously learn how to use the Sony Alpha 5000 mirrorless camera. I'm no techie. I seldom read manuals of the gadgets I buy. I've been using the superior auto camera setting of my Sony Xperia until I joined the Sony Xperia Photography Philippines facebook group. The admins and members are so selfless in helping one another improve their mobile photography skills, I got inspired to learn.

Just when I started being comfortable in mobile photography, I realized it is the right time to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new. Upgrade. Improve. Hoping that I will meet people who have the patience to mentor me.

I will really appreciate tips, tutorial links, hacks. Anything that will make me a better photographer.