Mober: A Delivery App that Let's You Move At A Click


If there's one thing I can say I have in common with Piolo Pascual, it's relying on technology to simplify life. I'm just an ordinary girl and yet I find it challenging to manage my time. I couldn't imagine how Piolo does it. 

“I’ve been very busy lately with my professional and personal life,” says Piolo, whose career spans across multiple media platforms. “I’m working on a new soap and, as a producer, I have 2 movies in the pipeline,” he adds. Beyond show business, Piolo also trains for multiple sports. “I love sports,” he says. “I just had a bike race last Saturday and I still do triathlons.”

With this kind of active lifestyle, the actor admits that organizing his time is challenging. But with the help of technology, Piolo says it becomes easier to sort them out. 

“Anything I need is on my phone, from ordering food, doing work, and keeping videos. I live off of my phone,” he explains. 

Piolo adds that by using the right apps, even managing his time has become easier. “It helps you do your stuff wherever you are and at any time of the day.”

Piolo has recently moved to a new house. He's been living in a condo for almost two decades and has moved places six times already. He has lots of stuff and it has always been a struggle. He even mentioned during the interview that there were two boxes he couldn't find yet. 

Piolo talked about Mober, a delivery app that he recently added to his collection. According to him, Mober offers instant booking for deliveries and within the same day so there's no need to wait for days. "Even in simple ways like that, I am able to show respect for other people’s time,” he added.

Mober is the country’s first on-demand app that offers reliable and affordable van delivery services. It makes sending shipment and other goods as convenient and easy as booking a cab.

“With the apps, of course everything is easier,” says Piolo.

According to him, the on-demand delivery app is proof of how technology can make life simpler for consumers. “Moving is taxing. Now, it’s less hard and lets me save time.”

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