How Daniel Anton is Changing SEO


I’m sure you’ve already heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With millions of websites on the internet, website owners are continuously looking for ways to have online visibility and search engine ranking. I am so excited to share this sponsored post with you and I hope you share this with your friends who need to know more about SEO. As a blogger, I am also very much concerned about SEO.

Search engines traditionally relied heavily on metadata, explicitly told to the search engines by webmasters. Today, the algorithm Crowd sources information to determine true relevancy and popularity based on 3rd party metrics such as website mentions (backlinks), socially relevant and engaging (social media), and user experience (are people clicking on your results, and is their experience positive or negative?).

As a result, the SEO industry became saturated with link building services and schemes; Google and other search engines quickly, and unapologetically began to penalize low-quality, non-editorial links with algorithm updates favoring real brands over thin affiliate websites.

Thousands of Private Blog Networks and black hat SEO services were useless overnight. At the same time, industry leader Rand Fishkin showcased a case study which proved user engagement affects search results, not only personally but on a global scale.

Dan Anton saw an opportunity to organize and leverage real organic traffic to help build a brand’s awareness while increasing rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The project would remain in private beta for years while he grew the search army, getting help from work at home moms, freelancers and people looking to make money online through craigslist.

Before Dan Anton became a retired military, Infantry Army Ranger, he had a background in computer science and entrepreneurship, where he would launch a social network for gamers in 2006, CharacterPlanet, when Reddit was just becoming popular and Myspace still ruled the roost. The project was underfunded and failed, but Dan learned the skills and principles necessary to promote a website in the search engines.

On popular internet marketing forums, such as WarriorForum, webmasters began complaining about the boring, monotonous tasks of getting pages indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing, which often required similar steps of creating content and syndicating it out through the interwebs.
Dan Anton
Robot traffic could generate thousands of hits, but would not have the ability to view webpages, sky-rocketing bounce rates, and small networks could mimic user activity on site, but lacked the power to scale efficiently. Traffic hits and browsing traffic were both necessary, yet both remained separate until CrowdSearch launched, which revolutionized organic search engine traffic.

Now, instead of blasting hundreds or thousands of visits within a few days, traffic could be micro-managed, requesting a set amount of traffic each day, and instructing the users on what parts of the website to visit. Membership would then see another exponential increase with the creation of the CrowdSearch mobile app, transforming everyone with a cell phone and internet connection into part of the search community.

Agencies in the Georgia area were already managing Fortune 500 clients and entrenched for SEO related phrases, but the principles Dan Anton applied from years of SEO SaaS software helped propel the young agency passed the competition for all major keywords in Google and Bing.

Understanding user experience and engagement heavily influenced SERPs, personal one on one consultations were offered, along with an application process to ensure quality leads, while increasing time spent on website with an exit intent video.

The combination of Onpage SEO practices, case studies, and hyper personalized videos created high click through rates, and astonishingly high time spent on site, and low bounce rates. By obtaining more website mentions, both manually and automatically, as well as having better user metrics, the agency dominates the competition and applies the same strategies for its clients.

The SEO industry is in constant flux, with principles such as long term projections and efficient scaling has given Dan a unique advantage, allowing him to stay relevant and influential over the past decade in search.

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