Edmark Launches Be Young Campaign


Edmark Philippines has recently launched its first Be Young Campaign open to all male and female distributors 18 years old and above who have been taking Edmark's Bio-Elixir Soya Drink for at least one month. Nationwide candidates were showcased simultaneously last February 17, 2018. The candidates from the national capital region were presented to the media at the Quezon City head office.

Nidz Villegas, a Mathematics teacher, was one of the candidates who stood out. Aside from landing the 2nd spot in terms of Facebook likes, she had wowed the crowd with her wit, confidence, and beautiful skin.

Bio-ELIXIR is made from high quality soy protein extracts, whey protein and specific free-form amino acids such as L-arginine and L-ornithine. Since this is a 100% natural product, it is safe to consume and has zero side effects.

Benefits of drinking Bio-ELIXIR

  • increases muscle mass
  • fat loss without dieting
  • higher energy level
  • mood elevation
  • enhanced sexual performance
  • greater cardiac output
  • better kidney function
  • superior immune system
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves cholesterol profile
  • stronger bones
  • faster wound healing
  • hair re-growth
  • younger skin
  • eliminates cellulites
  • sharper vision
  • increases memory
  • improves sleep
Turn your biological clock back by up to 20 years with Bio-ELIXIR. To learn more about the product and the Be Young Campaign. follow https://www.facebook.com/edmark.philippines/