Centuria Medical Makati Hosts Women's Health and Financial Wellness Expo


The theme for the 2018 National Women's Month celebration is "We Make Change Work for Women". In order to help women achieve positive changes in their life, Centuria Medical Makati hosted a Women's Health and Financial Wellness Expo last March 16. 

ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotheraphy Centre, a center with 17 years of providing the highest standard of back and neck pain treatment, launched the Women's Health Physiotherapy.

The purpose of the Women's Health Physiotherapy is to assess and optimize pelvic floor health, achieve optimal bladder, bowel, and sexual health in line with the best possible function and movement of spine, pelvis and breathing. 

ProHealth offers Prenatal and postnatal programs. The prenatal program is consist of two sessions and is aimed at women at any stage of pregnancy who needs advice on how to have an optimal pregnancy experience and how to manage "pregnancy side effects". The postnatal program is consist of five sessions and aims to bring back the woman's physical health after the pregnancy. 

Pinnacle Performance Manila aims to empower women by achieving their goals whether it is sports-related or just to be the best they can get physically. In line with the National Women's Month, Pinnacle is highlighting one female member on their social media platform every week of March. Each member will share their goal and how they were able to achieve it with Pinnacle. Women who are non-members are also encouraged to share a photo or video of their own physical developmental goals. You could get a chance to win a FREE one month membership from Pinnacle Sports Manila. Make sure you use #whatsyours and tag @pinnacleperformanceph on your social media post.

During the event, we were taught simple exercises that will help tone the 3 As: Arms, Abs, and Ass. Try this with 2-3 sets with 30 seconds each exercise and have 30 seconds to 1 minute rest in between.

  • Pulsing Front Raises: Grab 2 lbs weights or two bottles of water. Lift your arms in front and slowly pulse your arms up and down. 
  • Push Up: Chest and hips drop and rise at the same time, tuck belly button in by bringing ribs down and hips to tighten up the core.
  • High Plank: assume a push up position and plant your toes into the floor. Your head should be in line with your back. Keep your core tight and squeeze your butt. Hold this position.
  • Leg Raises: Lie down with your hands to your sides for support and raise your legs so they are off the ground while keeping the abdominal muscle tight. Slowly raise your legs 90 degrees and slowly return to starting position but make sure your feet don't touch the floor.
  • Squat: Just like sitting down on a chair, with stomach in and chest out, raise your arms in front. Drop your butt and push up through the heels.
  • Glute Bridge: Lie with your back flat on the ground with your knees bent, keep your palm face down on the floor for support. Push through your heel, getting your hips as high up as you can while squeezing your butt at the top.
Asian Breast Center at Centuria Medical Makati offers innovative breast cancer treatments, consultation, and diagnostics to prevent breast cancer. The center is the first freestanding ambulatory cancer care unit for profit-for-charity dedicated to the comprehensive treatment and management of breast diseases.

Asian Breast Center will offer the latest breast cancer therapy for early stages. One of these is the Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, an advanced breast cancer treatment for stage 0 to 1. Unlike other radiation therapies that radiates the whole breast, IORT targets mainly the specific area where the cancer is. 

Early detection saves life

Breast cancer is preventable and curable but it should be detected during the early stage. You can do a regular self-check and should get screened at least once a year. Mammography is recommended once you reach the age of 40.

Women are born care takers. We are so busy taking care of our loved ones that we take for granted taking care of ourselves. It is very important that we stay healthy. Always remember: You can't pour from an empty cup.