LG V30+ Review: Is It Worth Buying?


I was asked to use the LG V30+ for a week and give a short review of the phone. I am not a techie person so this review is based on how the phone fits my lifestyle. I am a blogger and a freelance writer. I love photography, watching music videos on Youtube and movie marathon on Netflix. I attend events and I use my phone to document everything that happened during press conferences, product launches, and seminars. 

The Phone

When I unboxed the phone and held it for the first time, I was reminded of the LG G6 when I was invited at the launch April 2017. The LG V30+ also perfectly fits my hand. I love that this phone is lighter  at 5.57 ounce. It is important  for me that I can comfortably hold the phone while taking photos or recording videos during an event. The 128 GB capacity of this phone makes storage space the least of my concerns. It is also expandable up to 2 TB. The screen size is 6 inches, very ideal when I need to post an article on the go. The processor speed is at 2.46 GHz and has 4 GB of RAM. The embedded battery is 3300 mAh.

You have different options in unlocking the phone. The most convenient and what most android phones have nowadays is the fingerprint ID. The LG V30+ can also be unlocked using the face recognition, the voice recognition, and the Knock Code.

When it comes to durability, it has a IP68 rating for water and dust resistant.

The Camera

I'm so much into mobile photography and 95% of my blog's photos are taken using a smartphone. The LG V30+ is equipped with a 16 MP (Normal - 71° F1.6 Auto Focus) and 13 MP (Wide - 120° F1.9 FF) rear camera while the front camera is 5 MP (90° Wide Angle, f/2.2). The camera has a manual mode where you can adjust the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and the exposure. The other camera modes are: AUTO, FOOD, POP OUT, MATCH SHOT, GUIDE SHOT,  360 PANORAMA, PANORAMA, SNAPSHOT, AND GRID SHOT.  For the video, the modes are: MANUAL, AUTO, CINE VIDEO, SNAP MOVIE, SLO-MO, AND TIME LAPSE. The front cam has beauty filter and screen illumination.

Sample Shots

I used the AUTO mode in this photo. I really love that I got to capture the details of the fabric with the right amount of blur at the background.

This was taken using the MANUAL mode. I had a difficulty in achieving the right settings.

I've got an food instagram @foodiecheatday because food is really my favorite subject. I captured this photo of the blueberry cheesecake donut using the FOOD mode. Check out my instagram and compare the food shots using a different smartphone.

I took a selfie and used one of the filters of the BEAUTY SHOT mode and I was not happy with the quality of the photo. Notice the forehead?

This is the black and white filter of the BEAUTY SHOT mode. See what happened to my nose and mouth?

Sound and Video 

Since I love Boyce Avenue and they are having a concert here in the Philippines this June, I watched their music videos on Youtube. The LG's OLED FullVision technology and the clear, crisp sound made me almost believe that I was watching Alejandro Luis Manzano live. The phone also comes with a Bang & Olufsen earphones.


What I love
  • lightweight
  • storage capacity
  • clear image and crisp sound
What will make me think twice 
  • expensive (Price in the Philippines ranges from P34,000 (online shop) to P42,000 (store)
  • camera quality