How to Make Her Fall in Love When in Sydney


A special girl deserves more than the ordinary. When in Sydney, plan on visiting popular places and attractions with an agenda – to make her fall in love with you more than she already does. 

Here’s how to add a touch of romance in your itinerary:

Sydney Opera House 

How many couple photographs have you seen with the iconic Sydney Opera House in the background? You don’t want your date photo to be just an addition to statistics, right? 

I know it could be difficult to wake up early but the Backstage Tour is definitely worth sacrificing those precious two more hours of sleep. The guided small group tour gives you and your special someone access to rehearsal areas, foyers, and spaces while walking hand in hand. The two and a half tour ends with a sumptuous breakfast in the exclusive Green Room with the performers. 

Royal National Park 

Whether you just want to get close to nature with her by your side or you’re up for adventure, you can create unforgettable memories at the Royal National Park. Take the Curranulla, Australia’s oldest commuter ferry commissioned in 1939. Book the three-hour scenic river cruise and marvel at the view while learning about history. 

Wendy’s Secret Garden 

Located in Lavender Bay Parklands, Wendy’s Secret Garden is a work of love. When Wendy Whitely’s artist husband died, her grief brought her to the rubbish piled piece of land and made her clean up the place to exhaustion. She later transformed the place into a beautiful garden. A picnic at the garden is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Wendy’s Secret Garden is a great place to propose marriage and has been a venue to many wedding ceremonies. 

Go French 

The way to anybody’s heart is through the stomach. And the most romantic way to do it is to dine in one of the best French restaurants in Sydney. The French traditionally have a three-course meal consists of an appetizer, entree and a dessert.

She'll find you to be the sweetest thing ever but how about capping the night with a fruit-filled crepe and a cup of coffee?