Thank You To My Number One Fan



On the 18th of this month will be your 8th death anniversary. I still regret not replying to the last text message you sent me. I guess I wasn't expecting it from you because we were never vocal with how we feel. I should have texted back, "I love you too" but I didn't. But I know you know how much I do.

Thank you for teaching me how to read and write even before I attended kindergarten. You were the best teacher and I am proud of having a mom who was very dedicated to her profession. You also taught me how to overcome my shyness. I can't recall how many school performances I joined. You and dad watching me with so much pride even though my role was just a flower, a tree, an extra. I can still remember how nervous you were during my first music recital at Max's Rustan's Cubao. I was very nervous too but when I glanced and saw you nod and smiled, I felt confident.

Thank you for molding me into a smart and independent woman. You prepared me for life's cruel surprises. Your own experiences when you were younger that you shared with me somehow help me when I am faced with difficult situations. I am strong because you showed me how it's like to be strong.

Thank you for trusting me. I had my first boyfriend at 15. I know that was way too young but you were so supportive. I am so blessed to have parents who are perfect role models when it comes to relationship. We both know dad was the "understanding one" and I've inherited your stubbornness. I guess we are both lucky to have married great men. 

I still miss you. Every single day. I wish you could see what I've been busy with now. I know you will be amazed where my life altering decision to quit the corporate has brought me. I wish I could afford before to bring you to more places and buy you more stuff. 

Mommy, remember whenever you brought home Goya chocolates from the factory near the school where you worked and I always said I wanted to be trapped inside the factory and eat as much chocolates as I can? 

I had a Goya Chocolate Buffet last December and I wished I'll find you home when I brought three bags full of chocolates! Oh, you know how much I love dark chocolate! 

Thank you mommy for instilling in me the values that made me who am I today. Thank you for raising me as a grateful person. Life may not be always sweet, but I know that even when life is bitter and I'm not at my best you will always be my number one fan.

Let's end this article on a sweet note, okay?!

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