Up Close With Brillante Ma Mendoza at SM City Taytay


Brillante Ma Mendoza Snapped and Scribbled

All I know about Brillante Ma Mendoza is that he is an award-winning director. I have heard about his films but I haven't seen any of them. It's a shame, I must admit. When I received an invite last night to attend the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM City Taytay, I don't need any other motivation to wake up at 8am. I can never let the chance of finally watching his film and probably meet him in person.

Brillante Mendoza Film Festival Snapped and Scribbled

It was a unique experience for me to watch two of his masterpieces with a cinema full of students who are into arts and appreciate a different level of entertainment. I arrived midway of the first film and I vowed to make sure I'll find a way to watch it. 

Panata Brillante Mendoza Snapped and Scribbled


Panata is a film about a mask maker's son whose father was a suspected rebel and was arrested during the Martial Law. He fulfills his panata every year with the hope of his father's return. Panata was first aired last May 27, 2017 on TV5.

Kadaugan Brillante Mendoza Snapped and Scribbled


Kadaugan is a festival in Cebu celebrating the triumph of Lapu-Lapu over Magellan. The story is about Tere, a Cebuana who seems to be unfortunate when it comes to relationships with foreigners but has proved to be triumphant in the end after enduring whatever challenges life has thrown her way. 

Brillante Mendoza Film Festival SM City Taytay Snapped and Scribbled

It was during the question and answer that I got to know more about Brillante Ma Mendoza and learned something about film making. Born in Pampanga and a graduate of Advertising Arts from University of Santo Tomas, he only started directing films at age 45. What makes his film different is the focus on the storytelling instead of the actors. His films present the realities happening in the society and the lives of ordinary people that have relevant impact to the people watching. He said he is not an expert on commercial films and he is more comfortable in creating films that promotes the culture and stories of the Filipinos. The stories of his films are well-researched to make it real and believable.

And yeah, I made sure I had a selfie with the man who I believe will continue make Filipinos proud of his achievements and more importantly make Filipinos appreciate movies that are not merely entertaining but full of sense.

I am so delighted that SM City Taytay hosted the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival and the students were introduced to good quality films.