Reasons Singapore Should Ban Selfie Sticks


Traveling to a different country can be a great way to spend your free time. You get to interact with people from a different culture and learn a lot about them. One also has the chance to see the various features or sites they have been learning in geographical books and watching them in documentaries. You should find an excellent destination to visit during your holidays. Reading travel blogs and magazines can help you settle for an attractive destination for your holidays. One country you can visit during your free time is Singapore.

The island city situated in the south of Malaysia is loved by many because of its beautiful climate. You are required to have the right pass that defines your type of stay in this country. The Singapore tourist visa is the right type for those visiting the country as tourists. Those who want to invest in this country can get the entrepreneur pass.

Visit to learn more about the entrepreneur pass. Documenting your travel is something that is essential and common among most tourists. Many will want to treasure the moments and remind themselves at a later date. One way you can do this is by taking photos and posting them on social media or saving them in your storage devices. You can use your phone cameras or other types of cameras to capture your moments.

The selfie stick is one device that has helped improved photography experience. It resembles a rod where a smartphone can be attached giving one the opportunity to capture a photo at a broader angle. Despite having this beautiful feature, some countries and venues are banning them because of safety reasons. Some places in Singapore have forbidden them while others are considering doing the same. 

Here are some reasons why Singapore should ban selfie sticks.


The selfie stick craze has led to a lot of obstruction in different venues in Singapore. From the streets to public parks, many who want to capture every moment of their visit have obstructed many. You will find many standing at a public walkway or even traffic trying to capture group photos with this device. This can inconvenience other members of the public.

Weaponry Tool

Some people have also converted their selfie sticks into weapons and are using them as a defense tool, while others use them to attack other members of the public. We have heard of different people who have been hit and injured with this photography tool. The Singaporean government should ban its use to reduce the assault cases.


Several accidents resulting from the use of selfie sticks have been reported. We have seen how this device can cause obstructions in various places including traffic. This can lead to accidents, especially when one is not paying attention. The selfie stick craze has seen some go to the extent of playing extreme games like climbing to the top of skyscrapers and taking photos of themselves including the angle of a specific city. Doing so exposes one to several risks. The Singaporean government should come in fast and ban selfie sticks to reduce the chances of accidents.