2019 Belle de Jour Power Planner Review

Consider me old fashioned but I really prefer the traditional way of organizing my life. I tried this year using the calendar of my iPad to plot my events schedule and yet I always find myself checking my planner. I remember what I write with a pen rather than what I type. 

I've been using the Belle de Jour Power Planner since 2014. It was my sister who gave me my first BDJ planner as a Christmas gift in 2013. At first, I was just excited with the discount coupons.  When I started getting serious with blogging in 2014 and attended events, I appreciated the planner more than the coupons.

If you haven't tried using the planner yet, here's a peek of the 2019 Belle de Jour Power Planner.

For 2019, I'll be using the Belle de Jour Limited Edition cover. My first planner had the classic cover while I had the succeeding planners personalized. I find this year's limited edition design elegant. But what I fell in love with is the butterfly. For me it symbolizes change and hope.

I'm positive that 2019 is a better year for me. Well, 2018 so far is good. But I know there's so much in store for me.

One of my favorite features of the Belle de Jour Planner is the Checklist. It got me through the tough times before when I felt like my life was dull. It challenged me, motivated me, made me get off the couch!

The 3 highlighted items on the 2019 checklist gave me goosebumps. During the weekend launch (this deserves a separate article) I attended the Vision Board Workshop with Trixie Esguerra and these three items are pasted on my board. Looks like the universe know what I really want to do!

Hey, I won't wait for 2019 to tick off the list. I have already started the moment I received the planner. 

Notice something new on the monthly divider? Hmm, get your phone and download the Zappar app. See the logo on the lower right? Your planner will magically become interactive (coming soon!). There's a zapper logo also on the back cover. High-tech, huh!

I want to be more productive in 2019 (raket pa more!) and I look forward to filling up the blank spaces. 

Getting busy means more moolah so the cash flow tracker comes handy.  It also means I'll be forgetful (I did forget to pay a few bills on due date this year)... bills tracker to the rescue!

Girls, is it just me or you also tend to forget when you had your period? This is important whether you are trying to get (or not) pregnant, planning a vacation or simply monitoring for health reasons.

And here's the #PerksOfABella booklet....

P40,000 worth of treats and discounts are included in the Perks of a Bella coupon booklet. I've used up the CBTL, Parisian, Ace Water Spa and Celeteque from previous years. Make sure you always bring the booklet anywhere you go.

Yey! You made it to this part of the article.

Win the BDJ 10th edition Navi Journal

Navi Journal showcases contents and illustrations of 12 widely celebrated festivals from different parts of the world on its monthly dividers. With special pages such as 101 Checklist, Bucket List, Must-see Destinations, Pre-trip Checklist and Packing List, Navi journal helps you visualize your travel goals and carefully map out your next adventure with ease.

Bound by an intricately-designed matte leather cover, the journal contains 176 full colored pages and horizontal weekly layout with notes page where you can list down your week’s highlights and wonders. What’s more, Navi also has an expandable back pocket that lets you store your travel essentials like tickets, cards, cash and postcards, among others. (source: https://shop.ilovebdj.com/collections/2019-collection-1/products/2019-navi-journal)

The TravelCurious booklet gives you access to P25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands.

To join, fill out the form below. You need to log-in to your gmail account. Also, your personal FB profile link is required so I can check if you are a real person :)

Winner will be announced on my facebook page Snapped and Scribbled on November 10, 2018.


  1. Wow!!! Ang cute... Ganda naman po ng planner madam..

  2. Praying po na mas maging productive po kayo ngayung darating na 2019. Kaya nyo po yan. Tiwala lang at sa tulong ng planner.

  3. It’s really good na magkaroon ka ng check-list, journal or planner for us to be able na magawa natin yung mga bagay na gusto at dapat nating gawin kasi ito ang ating guidelines. Syempre hindi naman natin maaalala ang lahat sa mga ganap natin.

    Actually matagal na akong nae-excite na magkaroon ng BDJ Planner kaya I used to join promos and giveaways about this! Hope that this is my time! Hahaha! Fighting! 😁😍

  4. My wife is a certified Bella and on the other hand, I have my fair share of using a planner and mine is a Navi Planner. I love planners because I tend to forget things and it really helps me to be on track and not missed my tasks.

  5. I am a certified Bella since 2015 and I am also aware of Navi Planner because my hubby used to have it. I love planners because it keeps me on top of my tasks. I also love the perks and freebies these planners is giving away plus its intricate designes and creative minds in coming up with bucket lists, menstrual tracker, ikigai, goal board, finance tracker and a lot more. These are what I am looking for a planner and BDJ and Navi has it!

  6. Ganda ng planner. Iba talaga kapag nalilista natin ang mga plans natin at mga budget list at daily activities at mga things to buy kaya sakin mahalaga ang may planner..

  7. Napaka importante talaga ng planner lalu na pag maraming nangyayari sa pang araw-araw. I’ve been a follower of BDJ na ever since, (though hindi pa ako nagkaroon ng planner) and alam talaga ng BDJ what each BELLA truly needs.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)