Uratex Holds Golf Tournament with Auto Industry Partners


Uratex has been a long-time partner with the country’s biggest automotive industry players, mostly composed of Japanese companies. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Uratex took its stakeholders to a day off on a golf course. 

At the height of production of the automotive industry in the Philippines during the 90’s, Uratex has held several small golf tournaments with its partners, especially with its golf-loving Japanese colleagues. The difference this time, was that Uratex brought all of its partners in a single tournament where they can all enjoy and play in the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The event also served as a throwback, especially to Uratex Managing Director, Ms. Peachy Medina, “this golf tournament brings back a lot of good memories, because my father used to host this kind of event every year for our automotive industry partners. And I believe he is smiling at us right now”. It has been an annual tradition which was started by Uratex founder, Robert G. Cheng to hold events like this during his time. “Nobody really plays golf in the family”, Ms. Medina said, it, but the spirit of organizing such event still hold ups; “it is something to think about”, Ms. Medina added whether this tradition should be brought back.

Uratex executives repeatedly expressed their appreciation for the continued partnerships with the automotive industry players, which were the first to build a relationship with the company during its earlier years. “The Japanese automotive industry has given Uratex a lot of help from the productivity programs we have adapted from them”, RGC Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Automotive, Mr. Eddie Gallor said, “we have taught these concepts and knowledge to our employees which may have lead us to this point, celebrating our 50th anniversary”. Uratex Corporate Sales Director, Mr. Dindo Medina added that, “we have imbibed the culture of the automotive community, including the Japanese practices, and we have converted these practices as part of our culture”.

RGC Group of Companies Executive Vice President for Furniture and Bedding, Mr. William Lee recounts the beginnings of Uratex in the 70’s, when it started as a supplier of foam for car seats for automotive assemblers to the present when it now provides more car parts to its partners. “We have expanded our business into not only car seats, but also with other parts such as the muffler, radiators, and leaf spring, and most recently with metal stamping for car bodies”, Mr. Lee explained. “The reason why we are still here after 50 years has a lot to do with their trust, and we believe that Uratex would do everything to continue to win the trust of our partners. We will not be here without their help”, Ms. Medina added.

Everyone from Uratex were all thankful to have built a strong and lasting partnerships with the automotive industry, and looking forward to more prosperous years as they move forward to the future of the business. “Hopefully they are all happy with what we had today”, Mr. Gallor said, “this activity could be a good beginning to build camaraderie among industry players and I hope they would be on board into making this event a more regular thing in the future.” Mr. Medina added, “The automotive industry is all about continuous improvement. We are now at 50 years and thanks to the automotive industry, we are where we are because of these partnerships. Hopefully, we would still continue our improvement and of course, we look forward to have a longer partnership with all of them”.