What You Need To Know About Diarrhea Among Filipino Children

Did you know that diarrhea is the second leading cause of death worldwide in children under the age of five? The first is pneumonia. In the Philippines, 14 children die of diarrhea every day before they reach five years old.

According to Dr. Lulu Bravo, Executive Director of Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV), rotavirus is the number one cause of severe, dehydrating diarrhea. This virus is highly contagious and can spread via fecal-oral route. It is readily transmitted from contaminated surfaces, such as when infants and young children frequently put their hands and toys in their mouths. This virus has sent millions of infants and children to hospital and clinics.

Studies conducted has revealed that a child who had severe, dehydrating diarrhea may suffer from its long-term effects such as fitness impairment and loss of IQ by up to 10 points.

GSK, one of the world's science-led healthcare companies, in partnership with PFV, has officially launched the "Game On: Kontra Diarrhea" campaign in order to combat the threat of diarrhea.

The Game On: Kontra Diarrhea Caravan will be in Agusan on October 17. Agusan has shown impressive results on the effectivity of vaccination against rotavirus of babies before they reached 6 months old. The caravan will also be in Iloilo on October 23, Manila on October 25, and finally in Dagupan on November 5. These three locations have high rates of diarrhea-related health issues among children.

The campaign aims to emphasize the seriousness of the disease and teach mothers all over the Philippines the holistic approach to its prevention, which include breastfeeding, improvement of hygiene and clean water supply, hand washing, and vaccination.

Vaccinating a child against rotavirus has been considered generally safe and effective based on the data from countries who have implemented national rotavirus vaccination programs in line with the WHO recommendation.

To know more about childhood diarrhea and how to prevent it, consult your doctor or visit your community health worker.


  1. Pagdating sa anak ko napaka makutingting ko. Yung tipong lahat na lang ng mga pwede nyang isubo kailangan na sterilize ko. Yung kamay nya minu minuto pinupunasan ko. Dahil takot ako na baka mangyari nga yan sa knya. Ang kobre kama kailangan araw araw palitan. 8 months palang ang baby kaya mahilig nyang kainin o isubo ang mga nakikita nya

    FB: Zel Solidor

  2. Hala nakakabahala po pala ang diarrhea Kala ko ang nangunguna is yung pneumonia. Yung anak ko po kasi dati nagkapneumonia at halos lahat ng mga bata sa ospital pneumonia ang sakit nila.
    Grabe po pinagdaanan namin nung na iCU baby ko 5months old palang po sya. Sobrang takot ko talaga nung mga panahon na yan. Kulang din kasi si baby ko ng bakuna kasi sa center wala naman pong pneumonia vaccine. At medyo may kamahalan din po talaga magpavaccine.Sana mabigyan pa ng pansin ng government natin ang libreng bakuna lalo na yung mga hindi libre at wala sa center.

  3. This is nice. Where po in Manila? This should be known by our barangays also so that our community in barangays will participate on this lalo na sa mga hindi aware.

    Estrella M. Reyes

  4. Cherry May Chavez

    Dapat talaga sa panahon ngayon kumpletuhin ang lahat ng bakuna ng ating mga anak.
    Maari naman mag tanong sa mga health workers kung paano maiiwasan o anu dapat gawin sa batang may diarrhea.
    Kaya ingatan natin mga bata mahirap magkasakit sa panahon ngayon.

  5. Importante talaga ang hand washing at proper hygiene para sa mga bata para iwas diarrhea lalo na kasi nakakapanghina ito


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