Workbank built on the Filipino virtue of malasakit


Workbank, the newest player in the job matching industry, has set its sights on the growing Filipino workforce by launching a platform that provides an enjoyable job search experience with exclusive perks and free trainings to help talents land jobs quicker. 

The employment solutions firm notes that it was out of malasakit, the unique Filipino virtue that can be best described as compassion, that drove them to create the innovative portal. In a speaking engagement at the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) General Assembly, Reggie Fernandes, Workbank’s Country Head shared that opportunities exist in the Philippine market through its increasing employment rate and young workforce. Fernandes noted that while millennials and post-millennials already make up nearly half of the local workforce, majority of the unemployed also come from these segments. 

Workbank’s Co-Founder and Chairman, Jaison Francis, who has had a long-spanning relationship with Filipino workers as a recruiter pointed out that driven by his malasakit for Filipinos, he realized that he could do more for them. “The Internet and mobile devices are a meaningful touch point for us because this is where we can reach the majority of applicants – this is why we exist in this space. However, we have gone beyond setting up a traditional job portal and decided we ought to invest in the people. Workbank doesn’t just connect job seekers and recruiters – it also provides guidance and support for interviews, pre-employment requirements and assistance even during their first month at work,” Francis said. 

In its commitment to investing in job seekers, Workbank has also sought strategic partnerships with the likes of Zalora and Grab that provide exclusive perks like discounts for job seekers. “Our number one commitment is to invest in our talents so that they can land the jobs they aspire for. Finding likeminded partners who can help us see this into fruition is what we will consistently try to build on. We’re glad to have an already impressive roster at the moment but look forward to other partners who will be joining us in the near future”, Fernandes said.

Job seekers can begin signing up for free on their website as they gear up for their official launch in early 2019.