3 Things Every Woman Should Consider Before A Holiday


Preparing for holiday

We are all guilty of over-preparing for our holidays, and we even do it up until the moment we are on the plane. One thing we are most guilty of is the way we prepare our bodies before we jump on that plane.

Today we are going to be looking at how making a few small changes before we go can not only improve our holiday but our well-being too.

Diet & Exercise

Now, this shouldn’t be taken into account for the beach body. We are looking at this for a different purpose.

One thing that women don’t realise is that heat affects us in a way it doesn’t affect a man. It wreaks havoc on our hormones. It does this in the strangest of ways. For women, the body always has a small hormonal war going on, throw into the mix a change in the weather, you end up with a hormone imbalance.

So how does all of this work and how will diet and exercise help? Well, hormone imbalance occurs with either too much or too little of the hormone in the blood. Undertaking 20 minutes worth of exercise per day and eating some natural, high in fibre foods. You can add a good strong natural state to your body that will help when you hit those hotter climates.

Get Body Ready

Getting body ready is also a great idea before going away. Reducing the amount of makeup and facial treatments you use before you hit a different climate is a great step to reducing any holiday acne or sweat spots.

Another great idea is to have a Spray Tan. Although this may seem pointless as you are hitting another country, it lifts the pressure to match the golden colour of everybody else.

You may even be one of those girls that are pale, and spray tan will always help you feel more confident.

One must-do for every lady before hitting another country is tackling that bikini line. There is nothing worse than not being able to flaunt your favourite beachwear because you forgot to visit the local beauty therapist two days before your flight.

Sort Out The Little Things

Although it’s generally men that forget the small things, we girls are guilty of it too. So remembering the little yet hugely important things are vital.

The first two things you should do, call your bank and your cell phone company. Imagine being in a foreign country without access to money or Instagram. I can think of nothing worse. 

Also, taking care of the pre-holiday technicalities such as currency and travel insurance. One thing you should always consider is that at some destinations, it is far cheaper to buy your currency at your destination.

Taking care of yourself and then addressing the small things will always result in you having a great holiday. Hopefully, these few things will help you enjoy your next vacation and many more to come.