Gareth.T drops an R&B track for the holidays with “2 more weeks”



Hong Kong-based R&B producer/artist Gareth.T has dropped a soulful jam called “2 more weeks” via international indie label, Umami Records. 

Infused with a Mac Ayres-inspired vibe and lo-fi beats, “2 more weeks” feels ripe for a laid-back holiday party. Telling the story of someone wanting to go home to see their loved ones, this R&B bop stands out with hip-hop verses coasting through breezy melodic lines and a slinky pop edge reminiscent of unfussy, eternal summer. 

“I co-wrote this song with my roommate in Boston when we were both preparing to leave and go back to Hong Kong for the summer,” said the multi-talented artist. “He was in this long distance relationship with his girlfriend and the song is about how he couldn’t wait to get back to her. 

Citing his favorite part of the song, Gareth.T. remembers how instantly he got attached with the chorus. “I like the chorus the most, despite it not being really clever or even catchy. In my opinion, it feels very warm and smooth, which is basically the essence of the song.” 

Currently based in Boston while studying at Berklee College of Music, the prolific producer has been dropping a new track every 4 weeks, and has no plans to slow down. 

Listen to 2 more weeks by Gareth.T here.