Reasons to Choose Black for Your Bathroom


Black has always been a popular choice for color palettes and is many an interior designer’s best friend. From sophisticated and chic, to elegant and regal, to modern and sleek, this hue can fit a wide range of styles and perfect complements just about every color under the sun. Here are a few tips you can use to put black in the bathroom: 

Bold and Dramatic 

For people who are unafraid to go dark and dramatic, black walls and black fixtures make for perfect complements to your interiors. Don’t be afraid to go hard on using unconventional finishes such as marble, bronze, and fabric to mix and match styles for an eclectic space. Having your bathroom hardware such as your shower, faucet, and drawer handles match material could be a good rule of thumb to keep everything cohesive. Most manufacturers like Kohler even offer some of their fixtures such as their toilets and sinks in different colors so make sure to do your research on what hues are available. 

Clean and Minimalist 

Black is almost always seen with its favorite partner white. It’s far too easy for an all-white bathroom to look dreary or clinical so adding splashes of black to accentuate your bathroom can really add to the clean and minimalist look. Fixtures like faucets and showerheads in matte black can especially soften the look of white without overpowering the rest of the space. When accessorizing, try to find the right balance between sleek and functional to avoid getting too cluttered. 

Posh and Sophisticated 

When it comes to sophistication, material and silhouette is key. Look for surfaces that are reflective to create depth in the space. Having a wide array of decorative pieces and accessories could also help you get the look you’re going for. Stand-out pieces such as the Sartorial bathroom sink make for one of a kind statement piece that combines traditional 19th-century European textile with precision engineering, perfect for the sophisticated home. 

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