Achieve balanced nutrition for your child with Pediasure Plus


When you child reaches school age, their nutritional needs also changes. The problem is, most pre-schoolers are picky eaters.  They usually have a favorite food -- fried chicken, cookies, french fries. Making them eat a healthy, balanced diet is a struggle for parents. Instead of getting frustrated, parents should be patient when introducing new taste and food texture. Some children are also sensitive to smell and will immediately refuse to eat food they find unappealing. 

A child's eating habit won't change overnight. Slowly introduce your child to vegetables by adding them to some of his favorite food. You can make a puree of carrots and add it to his spaghetti sauce. You can also chop cabbage and mix into his chicken soup. 

To make sure that your child gets the nutrition he needs, give him a nutritional supplement drink. Pediasure Plus is formulated for pre-schooler kids above 3 years old. It is clinically proven to provide a hard-to-feed child optimal nutrition for healthy growth, development and immunity.

Pediasure Plus is gluten-free and lactose-free so mommies need not worry about food intolerance.

You can purchase Pediasure Plus at the Abbott Philippines Shopee Store this coming Shopee 7.7 Mid-year Sale.