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Milk is an important drink for children. It plays an important role during a child's growth and development. For parents with pre-schoolers over 3 years old, there's PROMIL FOUR and PROMIL FOUR GOLD. You can get these on discount and other exclusive great deals from PROMIL when you become a Shopee Mom's Club member. To join, sign up at


The new PROMIL FOUR with its all-new packaging and best ever formulation now has the NutriGift System specially formulated with MOS+ to help DOUBLE THE IMMUNITY. It also has the highest ever levels of DHA compared to the previous formulation, plus AA, Carotenes, Selenium, and Zinc, along with other brain and immunity nutrients that will surely help nurture your child’s gift. 

The Nutrigift System formulated with MOS+ is super helpful when it comes to making sure our children receive the BEST EVER nutrition. Even if our kids are staying indoors, we still want them to receive the additional protection they need by DOUBLING THEIR IMMUNITY, especially now that they are still in the age of continuous growth and development.

PROMIL FOUR is for children aged over 3 years old and best with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It is not suitable for use as breastmilk substitute.


PROMIL GOLD FOUR is the most advanced milk formula for pre-schoolers and expertly formulated to support a young child’s brain, immunity and physical development. It is the first and ONLY milk supplement from Wyeth Nutrition® enriched with breakthrough, brain-boosting α lipids (Alpha-Lipids) that contain Phospholipids, including Sphingomyelin, scientifically designed to help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination. 

It has other brain nutrients like Choline to support overall mental function, DHA3 to support the maintenance of normal brain function, and Lutein that contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.  This most advance formulation now has HM-O (2’FL) that offers four ways to help support immunity and may also play a role in brain development. 

PROMIL GOLD FOUR contains other immunity nutrients like Vitamins A, E, and C, Zinc and Selenium that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, Lutein, Carotenes and 5 Nucleotides, and Fructo-Oligosaccharides to maintain a healthy digestive system. PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is also enriched with α-Lactalbumin (Alpha-Lactalbumin) to support proper growth and Calcium and Vitamin D to support bone development. It has no added sucrose to promote healthy weight gain thus lowering the risk of obesity. 

PROMIL GOLD FOUR is for children aged over 3 years old. It is not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute.

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