Pfizer Philippines launches new corporate communications program “Life caring, Life changing”


Pfizer Philippines Inc. (Pfizer) has launched a new corporate communications program highlighting the company’s work in developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Themed “Life caring, life changing,” the new program, marked by a video story, showcases how Pfizer has enabled and empowered people to continue hoping and live their best lives thanks to its creation of various innovative medicines, vaccines, and treatments.

The program represents Pfizer’s multi-year journey to reshape the company into an agile innovation powerhouse fully equipped to take on the difficult health challenges facing patients, communities, and society today. Pfizer has spent the last 10 years building upon its heritage as a scientific leader to further enhance its research and development engine, and it has evolved from a diversified enterprise to a more focused and innovative biopharma company. As a result, it is now advancing one of the strongest pipelines in company history.

The video features stories of a cancer patient beating the illness and getting married, hoping for a good life in marriage; an elderly couple managing a heart condition and the wife hoping she can care for her husband; a father taking care of his son, hoping for his bright future ahead; a whole family receiving an essential pneumonia vaccine; and a differently abled athlete managing to achieve his full potential with the help of movement aids.

You can watch the video here:

“We at Pfizer believe that Filipinos deserve to have breakthrough medicines that give them hope,” said Angelica M. Claveria, Country Medical Director, Pfizer Philippines. “This is why we value and honor our commitment and dedication to find these breakthroughs that can help everyone face health challenges with confidence and assurance, and ultimately change their lives for the better.”

Pfizer has had breakthroughs in a wide array of health fields, such as pain management, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular care, stroke prevention, cancer treatment, anti-infectives, intensive care, rare disease treatment, and vaccines. The company is becoming even better positioned to prevent disease, drive remission, and find cures to some of the world’s most devastating diseases, further delivering on its purpose and unlocking value for all patients and broader society.

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